Thursday, December 06, 2012

Himmelsk #114 - Dec 7 - 2012

Even the Fishes want to have Skywatch. Selv fiskene ønsker et himmelsk glimt.

Castro is a Town at the Island of Chiloe.
Photo taken there in November 2012.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Pearl Wedding - 30 years of Marriage

On December 3, my darling wife, Anna, and me celebrated 30 years of marriage.
(Photos are just illustrations, if not otherwise said. Many of my older Photos is till on my crashed PC)
My knowledge to Blogger and Windows 7 is limited, so I hope you accept lack of pro..)

During the time we have lived together, since 1979, the world has changed.
(Here we are in Saugatuck, SW Michigan 2012 - Photo taken by 3rd cousin Rande from California)
At that time Norway had one TV Channel and one Norwegian Radio station. Both State owned.

To divorce at that time was not easy. Four kids involved.
Here you see Mats and Niklas and Anna, besides Jorun and Lina - good friends of our extended Famlily

But, after all we are all good friends and Family. Here from our dinner table in Stevensville, Summer of 2012. From left: Anna, Ingelin, Kaya, Mats and Sölvi.. Where was Lori and Leander?

All my kids are well, but my late Son Ruben.I really miss him. Here we are in 1994 at Osorno Volcano in Southern Chile.

When recently in Chile I thought about him every day. And again, the same fantastic view as 18 years ago.
When I was in Chile, guess who had a jolly good time? Anna and Sölvi?

Modern Family, so to speak, respect and positiv thinking and love. Here we are on our humble veranda.

And Anna, after I retired on April 1 this year, have permitted me to travel.
Even with a person the opposite gender. Here you see Anna with Sylvien.

That is generourisity - and real trust and love. Magic. Like listening to a Symphony Orchestra in open air and see the fabulous fireworks - wishing all of us a bright life.
 In between, I take a Photo like this. Under the Headlines: They relaxe. That's great.

For me it is important to have trusted friends of both genders, without any suspicious thoughs.The two of them might not like this photo, but I do. And I really love the fact we've been known for some years and a lot of good and real life like Farmers Marked, Garden Parties, Shopping and simply relaxing. That's what's friends are for...

I have friends in many countries and of all kind of "sexual" preferences and colours and religions.
After all, they are very good and trusted friends. Here two of my Grandsons: Sebastian and Leander.

I love postive humans of all kinds. Photo taken in Atacama Desert, Chile. Waiting for Sun Set.

Just me in Valle de la Luna / Moon Valley. In Chile.

I will also thank my wonderful and trusted travelling friend, Sylvien, for unforgetable and memorable journeys in Europe and South America. Photo taken in Geiranger, Norway.

This year has been extrodinary. I have travelled more than ever before. Europe and North and South America. In 2013 I hope to meet friends from all over in Europe. I'll do my best to help you will have a great time - even out of the tourist brochures. Life is fantastic.

Greetings from me on an old TracTOR. ;-)

More to come...