Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Papa has to do what Papa has to do - vacation

Both Anna and Solvi have Vacation, but papa did work this morning and even this evening. In the meantime, he had to do what a man have to do these days:
Beeing women's Chauffeur. They wanted to go to Sweden.Shopping of course. It’s not that far from the Summer House – let’s say around 75 minutes. Each way. Plus 2 hours Shopping.
Papa went hungry, so he bought a baguette ++.
When the women in question discovered that fact, what do you think happened?
 We agreed upon to find a nice place to have an open air luncheon.
10-15 minutes off the Motorway. Idyllic?
Here you see them - Open Air Lunch.
Mind you: A dangerous place - Sea cabel just beside. Woman and warning Signs?
Papa is just a driver...
Can you see the Fish?
Don't worry, papa could not see them either;-)
Papa went for a short walk, and enjoyed this house and garden
Is it a Summer House? Or do people live here year around?
The Ladies are enjoyoing their Shrimp Salad. Papa suspects it was some sweets in the plastic bag. Who knows. After all. the both of them were very pleased;-)
PS. When back in our Summer House 9 out of 10 sweet pastries were missing. Mysterious. LOL.
Saturday we are going to Istanbul. Hope my PC will work from there. For short reports.
Have a great time everybody.
PS 2: Will you join me at Paradise Beach, to learn how the History of Northern Europe Change around 1808?

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Live report from Summerhouse in Norway

China sjakk 1
Here you see Anna and Solvi playing after dinner.
Chinese Checkar 2 
Do you know the name of the Game?
Chinese Checkar 3 
Here we call it Kina Sjakk
Chinese Checkar 4 
You know what might that mean?
Chinese Checkar 5 
It ended with a draw. At 9:15 pm. Oslo fiord in the background

Well, just a short report before we leave for Istanbul and Solvi will look after Felicia and Rosa (our Cats).
PS. Did you know that you can see by yourself where the History of Northern Europe changed?
About 200 years ago. In Paradise Bay - Oslo. You are only a Click away - Papa will be your Guide.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Papa and Anna – Wednesday June 23-2010.

 Report from Norway - Midsummer

Anna did paint: 
St Hans Anna the Painter 
when Papa picked Wild  Strawberries
:St Hans Wild Strawberries
And admired the Flowers:
St hans - Wild Flowers 
What else?  See – Anna really did a great job:

St Hans - painted by Anna 

What is this? You know it
:St Hand remedies for Painting
Have you seen? Anna cleaned the Wooden Deck as well.
St Hans Anna cleaned the Deck
Tomatoes, hot pepper etc , some weeks later than normal, but they will come in due time..
St Hans pimentos etc 
So, what next? Food? Fish? Yeah. Secret recepie;-)
St hans - fish pudding
And some sliced Carrots.
.St Hans Carrots
Next? Papa need some Salt Water treatment: Old feet you know. LOL.
 StHans papas feet in Salt water  
Then, Rosa was very reluctant regarding her human slaves and tried to stay very incognito:StHans Rosa
Ok, Papa had to admit he did some professional work as well…
But that is in Norwegian, a language  less than about 1 out 1000 understand here on planet Earth.  Excotic?
Find out during this years international Blog Event. Click here for once in a Lifetime experience .
btw. I did receive this from my Som to Fatthers day:
Have a great time.
We will be here and there and also without Internet connections, so take care of your self;-9


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa experiences a strange Saturday - travel in Norway

Hi,  my dear readers.
Gressløk i full blomst
This Saturday we have had 3 Seaons within 5 hours here in the Summerhouse. Temperatures ranging from 9C – 48F to 22C – 72F.
From Noon to 5 PM: Sunshine, Heavy Rain, Thunder, Sunshine, Rain.  Storm and no wind at all.
Rosa fed up with rainy weather 
Rosa prefered to stay inside. The best weatherforecast there is.
Here are some proofs :
Blowing in the Wind
Rain and wind
Blue Water 
Suddenly changed to blue Water
Green Winter 1
Moments later: Then Rain again…
Rain and chairs on the Deck 
Chairs on the Platform
Platform in Sunlight
Suddenly: Wet deck reflecting Sunshine
Kitchen view - West 
View from the Kitchen. Wet Rocks.  60 feet right up.
What to do but lit up in the Fireplace…Royal Swedish Wedding
or watching TV – The royal wedding in Sweden…
Sky view 
or looking up and see some sudden blue sky…
Tomatoes and Pimentos 
… and checking out the Tomatoes and The Hot Peppers.Felicia 
Felicia is the one of us that handles changing weather the best. She is the Queen of all seasons.
Have a great time all of you.
Remember OsloBG?
You can as well visit our visit to the Japanese Garden in Portland, OR.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A snapshot from Oslo, Norway

This afternoon papa went to downtown Oslo.

He had to sign a legal record due to the fact papa was a co-judge last week. Just before entering the Court House in Oslo, he took some Photos. Just for you, my dear reader.
Minutes from Oslo - C J Hamros place 1

Minutes from Oslo 4

Minutes from Oslo 3

The place is named C J Hambro Plass. The photos is posted just to give you some idea of ordinary Oslo on a Wednesday afternoon.

There will be more photos here from Oslo. No famous places, but just how it looks like.

You want to join OsloBG? At least read the Program, dear reader.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

Hi dear Cat-friends,
It’s have been a a too long time since last report and visit to “Cats on Tuesdays.”  Just a short report from Norway.
Stompa is still missing, since April 22. No reports about him the last 2 weeks. We still hope…Cats after Mating
Our two female Cats moved with us to the Summer House 4 weeks ago. They love their freedom, but it has been a chilly Spring. Here is Felicia to the left and Mr Grey to the Right. Yes, there have been “Cat-Music” around for a while. Here on the Roof, over the Rest-Room.
 Three cats after Mating However they can take advantage of freedom. See the Male Cat in the Centre. And Felica and Rosa. After this, we have heard no mating sounds. Click on the Photo and you’ll see what I mean:-)
Rosa on the Roof
Relaxing. Here Rosa.
Felicia  and Mouse 
And Hunting.  Like Felcia.
Like us, the Cats have long Days. We are away for 12 hours – Monday to Friday.
Have a nice time with your beautiful Cats.
What we really wish:
Your presence during OsloBG in August 19-21-2010

More Cats here

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Papa takes some Photos on a Rainy Saturday

What to do, when the rain is pouring down on a Saturday?
D4 - Civettes on a rainy d 
Well, papa did think about the small things in daily life.
Things that matters, without the big headlines.
D1 patatas 1 
Panfried potatoes
D2 Tomatoes
Green Tomatoes
D3 - bananas
D5 - chopped carrots
Chopping Carrots
D6 - All green
All Green. Norwegian Jungle or is it the Local Rain Forest?
D7 - White Fish
It is White Fish, even it looks pink here, like chicken fillets;-)
D8 - Spring Onion
Chopped Spring Onion
D9 - Rosa
Rosa is of course inside
D91 - Parabol 
Parabol and wet, wet – too wet for drying outside.

Rasberries in flower
Rasberries - Flowering
 Woman 1
Let’s dance - (from the Wall)
Chili green 
Chili peppers…
Salt and Green
Salt Stone . Salt from Wieliczka Salt Mine Near Krakow, Poland.
Biscuits for Cheeze
Biscuits for Cheeze.
Shrimp Cabaret 
Traditional Norwegian Feast Appetizer: Shrimp cabaret, or Shrimps in Aspic – you can see all the ingredians.
Sauerkraut or just new Cabbage 
A very traditional vegetable: Cabbage – Here what we call summer Cabbage. Just pour some white wine before heating – do not cook for to long – should be served both crispy and warm.
Anna og Gressløk i blomst
Wish you all a happy Week;-)
Bratwürts – Small ones.
Sky 2 view
After the Rain, some blue Sky.

Well,  just some snapshots from daily life in Norway.
You can have the big view as well in August 19-21.