Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the Winter We dream about our visit to Provence in October 2010 – Toulon etc

It’s extrodinary cold to be in November here in Oslo, Norway.
About –12 to – 14 C or around 10 F.
Bright Blue Sky – Sunny.
But it’s dark when we leave for work and it’s dark when we returns to home.
All Photos are clickable
, so you can dispose your own time…
Hence, it’s a pleasure to present and think about our visit to the dearest couple Claudie and Pierre first week of October this year.
Here  they are on a Bandol Beach.
Bandol - Anna in Water 
And Anna? In the Sea you see..
You know, when we were there, they were both at Work. Exceptions posted earlier. So this is Anna and me in Toulon.  Some Photos. Let’s get started.
Toulon from Mount Farron Toulon Meal
Wednesday we went to Mount Faron, and watched down on Toulon.
I said: Let’s go down there on Friday (I got my hair cut – last time was in Istanbul in July).
Toulon Harbour 3327 
Said and done. Here from the Harbour of Toulon.
Toulon Harbour 3328 Sardinette
I like the name of this tiny Fishing Vessel – The Small Sardine -Sardinette.Toulon Harbour 3329 Local Fisking Vessel 
More local Fishing Boats
Toulon Harbour 3330 Corsica Ferry 
Going to Corsica with your Car? Here is one of the Ferries.

Toulon Harbour 3332 Tribute to Mariners
Tribute to Sailors – Toulon has been a mayor French Naval Port since long time…
Toulon 3334 Theatre 
We went up to the old part of Toulon.
Here you see the Theatre Building.
I got my Hair cut, classical short I ordered. €12.

After a Sightseeing using our own feets, we needed a nice mealToulon 3335 Tomato Salade as dessert 
Pierre worked very late, so we started with a traditional Tomatoe salad, Provence style, prepared by Claudie. So simple and deliciousToulon 3378 Pierres Fisk Soup 
Then Pierre arrived and served Fish Soup.
He should open a Restaurant. Really a great Cook, he is.

Toulon 3376 Back for dinner in Oullioles 
Here you see Master Chief Pierre as well around the Table.
Seafood and testing Crémant de Bourgogne.

Toulon 3315 Good Night we had a wonderful Day 
We had an excellent dinner, and had to take care when climbing up the Stairs.
Toulon 3374 Chers for a happy week 
Cheers to you all for a great Future.

More to come…

PS. We will be in Texas next Week

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Market in Frankfurt 24 November – 22 December 2010 –Views from the preparation

X-mas market 2009 
FFM_Weihnachtsmarkt web 
The two above Photos ©Tourismus+Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main
As my regular readers may recall, we was in Franfurt, Germany last weekend. And on Saturday, we went to the Old Town – Alt Stadt.
Market 3641 
Here people were very busy preparing for the traditional Christmas Market, one of the best and largest in Germany
.Market 3643 
Something for the Kids
Market 3650
Something for the grown ups like Glühwein will be served here.
Market 3644 Market 3649
Market 3651 Market 3645
More scenes from the preparations. Click to enlarge.
Market Römer Balconny 3647 
The Official Opening Ceremony was hostet by Frankfurt's Lord Mayor Petra Roth
Wed., 24.11., 17:00 hrs, Römerberg stage
Adolf Wagner Appfelwein - alles da 
It was a chilly Saturday, so we ended up in a traditional German restaurant, Adolf Wagner. And had local seasonal traditional Geese for dinner. Here we are before the Dinner was served.
Appfle Wein mit Selters 
In this famous establishment they make their own appel wine.
Which is as well a local tradition in this part of Germany (Hessen).
It’s 85% appelwein and the rest is Selters (Sparkling Water). If you will go to this place in the evenings, you have to reserve. It’s very popular.
Metin Leander had a Cold - see his nose 
Young Metin Leander had a Cold. Look at his Nose.
Möet & Chandon Imperial 
We went home to our dear family and guess what?  Have a great time.

Please read this, and you will really understand the meaning of Carpe Diem. 15 Months – and then… Please send your thoughts via my daughter.

More to come…

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Monday, November 22, 2010

A Weekend with Grandpa at the local Playground – A report from Metin Leander

Last weekend we went from Oslo down south to Frankfurt in Germany.
Less than 2 hours Flight.
Oslo Central Station
We both went directly from work and took the Airport Express Train from Oslo Central.
Only 19 minutes.
The Train you see on the Photo takes some minutes more.
Lower price, but the Airport Express leaves every 10 minutes.
Bakhager sett fra veranda 2
My Daughter and her Family just moved here a couple of weeks ago.
The first report is of course focused on grandson, Metin Leander.
Here you see the backyard as is in November.

Now, this is Metin Leanders own story  - A Sunday Walk Part 1
M L where is the Red Carpet
We have not seen each other since August. So here I come.  But where is the Red Carpet?  Have you ever seen me running Grandpa?
M L at Table

OK, let’s start with Brunch. 

– I respect elderly people during Weekends.
They need to sleep…

I wake up at 4 AM. 
Can't sleep away the Day. That's my simple rule.
M L drinking innocent smoothie 
So, what’s on the menu?
I’ll have a taste – gosh I love this smoothie
M L mit Brötchen 
Brötchen – Ja danke – yes please
M L på vei ut på tur
Let’s go for a Sunday Walk
– See I’m dressed for the Season. Baba as well.
M L with Mother and Father at the local Playground

Here I am at the local Playground with Mother and Father. They love to play with me.
M L loves this swing
I loved this huge swing. Very comfy and secure
M L safely in a swing
I felt secure in this swing as well.
Papa is there to swing me and take care of my safety. M L was ist es doch - speed swing 
This one is to speedy for me, my age.
Even Grandpa did agree.
M L and Mother Horseriding

We did some crazy horse riding too.
But only for a short time.
Mama is to heavy for this one - kids only;)
M L and parents on the blue seesaw

I liked this one.
With mum and dad while Anna did enjoy our ride.
M L mit Mutter at Seesaw

See – we had fun
M L playing with leafes
Have you ever played with the Autumn Leafs?
I like it. So natural.
And what a crammy noise
…  And I had to look at details as well..
M L down the slide
Next Grandpa forced me into this slide…
M L loves the slide

I think Grandpa do know me. I did really like the Slide.
I did go down for – well I can only count to the number of my fingers

– my age you know.

This playground is only 2 minutes walk away from my home. I’m so lucky to have such a ground nearby.

And this was only the first Playground we did visit last Sunday.

…..more to come  
- if you want to play with me one more time?
I like;) 

Hugs to all of you from Metin Leander


Thursday, November 18, 2010

On a cloudy day in Provence – what to do?

It was Monday, October 4, 2010. Claudie and Pierre had left the House and gone to work.
We wake up late and had some breakfast, prepared by Pierre before he left.
As allways very good.
What to do after Morning Coffee 
We could not sit just here all day. Besides, heavy clouds were on it’s way.
And it was blowing. Click on the Photo and watch the Trees.
La Tour Fondue - France  5 
So what to do? We went South.
To the peninsula of Giens.

The southern part of Hyères, which I did visit first time in 1967.
As a student. We slept on the Beach at that time;).
Time changes.
Here is from the south west side of the peninsula, at the marina. La Tour Fondue - La Bouillabaisse
I f you love the famouse french fish pot, you can have it here. But keep in mind the serving hours. We arrived 5 minutes too late for Lunch and the Bouillabaisse
La Tour Fondue - France 4
So we went to the other side of this tiny, charming peninsula, to La Tour Fondue.
La Tour Fondue - Moules Frites 1
And had a local tradtion for Lunch: Moules aux Frites.La Tour Fondue - France  3 
Here you see the fortresse – settled on a very tiny Island.
La Tour Fondue - France  6 
La Tour de Fondue is the main port to visit L’îles d’Or – the Golden Islands of  The  3 Hyères Islands. Recommended when you are in the Area.
Cake 1 Cake 2
Cake 3 Cake 4
On our way back to Claudie and Pierre we thought about to give them a surprise during their working week days – some delicious cakes for dessert.
At the Computer 
After the cakes, we had fun watching photos of ourselfs and even manipulated the Photos.

Afterwards we was introduced to some extrodinary video-clips with famous french singer Serge Gainsbourg.
He is without no doubt one of a kind.

Take a minute and watch when he met Whitney Houston on Direct TV.
You must watch the Clip to believe it. What he said to her is not suitable on this blog.

He is most known for: Je t’aime  moi non plus, with Jane Birkin

Visit Claudie’s Blog

More to come.... so stay tuned

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