Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend in Alsace – Part 2: Storks

Storks like to mate in Alsace. Not in every Village.
DSC_0140 RIB stork 
In Ribauville, we only observed one.
DSC_0161 Munster shop 
But in Munster, also renowned for its special and delicate cheeze,
they are all over. Even on the Cathedral
S DSC_0172 Cigogne 
Their “clapping” with the beaks are not to misunderstand. And the sound you can hear from kilometers away.

S DSC_0171 Storks 2 S DSC_0174 Cigones couple
It seems they are very Lucky:-)
S DSC_0169 Storks mating 
But it’s a job to do – building a nest and mating
2012-03 Munster Stork Cradle
If  you believe the Stork brought you to Earth – go to Munster in early March.

More to come from wonderful Alsace…..

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Weekend in Alsace – Part 1

My very last Vacation, before I retire, I spent with my Daughter and her Family. Besides staying with them in Frankfurt, we spent the Weekend in charming Alsace, France.
St Hippo - just before departure 
The Car was fully packed
DSC_0142 Alsace typisk 
Alsace is widely know for it’s food and Wine
Hotel Le Parc DSC_0228 
We stayed in the small village of Saint Hippolyte, at Logis Hotel le Parc. We all were very satisfied with our stay.
S H DSC_0191 Dinner 2 
And the food: Excellent. Here Pigeon stuffed with Foie Gras.
2012 St Hippo leander and local girl on vippe 
Very close to the hotel is a playground. Here Leander with local girl:-)
DSC_0243 St Hippo - Chateau Haute Kæningsberg
St Hippo - we had an excellent Riesling at dinner from here
We bought Wine here
St Hippo Pink House
Some typical Alsace style houses in Saint Hippolyte
St Hippo wineyards 
Wineyards everywhere
St Hippo I - ML - papa 
A rest is good from time to time. From here it is several footpaths up to the Hills and Chateau Haute-Koenigsbourg and along the Wineyards.
Leander is very interested in Water;-)
S H Creme brule 
You can’t go to France without having a Crème brûlée. This one was brilliant.
Well, this was some glimpse from St Hippolyte.

More from Alsace to come…..

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Munch: The Modern Eye – Frankfurt 2012

Dear reader, you might know I have been visiting my daughter and her family in Germany recently?
F DSC_0262 Munch
On the last day of my visit we went to the Munch exhibition in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Not only because we are Norwegian, but mainly because we love his art.

Here is what the Museum writes about this special exhibition:
Edvard Munch is acclaimed for his vivid Symbolist painting and regarded as a pioneer of Expressionism. Prepared together with the Centre Pompidou Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris, the exhibition in the SCHIRN offers a novel view of his work. It is for the first time that Munch’s interest in modern techniques of creating pictures such as photography and film and modern stage designs is the focus of attention. His works reveal to what degree he adopted specifically photographic or filmic forms of composition and narration, poses, or even effects in his painting.

Here is Ingelin in the Exhibit Hall. We had a rare moment without too many spectactors around, hence I could take a photo of her alone.

Most of the works belongs to the Munch Museum in Oslo, but there were also works belonging to other Art Galleries and Museums and private collections.

Edvard Munch was assignet the task to decorate the Aula in the University of Oslo. It took him 5 years to fullfill the task in 1916.
The Sun is major theme. You can read more about it here.

You can see most of the photos I took during our visit to the exhibit here.

More to come from my Vacation, also from Alsace……

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Papa visits Grandson in Frankfurt

During my very last Vacation before I retire, I choosed to visit my Grandson and his Parents in Frankfurt. It’s less than 2 hours by air from Oslo….
2012-03 Vacation M L and Brocolli 
Leander loves vegetables and special the Brocolli
2012-03 La maison du Pain
Thursday Ingelin went to a Job interview and when she returned we had lunch at La Maison du Pain in Sachsenhaussen district of Frankfurt. This establishment is very suiteable for parents with young kids, besides their food is excellent.
2012-03 Vacation Roast Beef Sandwich 
Ingelin choosed Roast Beef Sandwiches. Papa had Flammkuchen.
2012-03 Kindergarten 
After Lunch we went to pick up Leander in the Kindergarten.
But he was asleep:-)
2012-03 Mao - Ingelin and Leander 
We arrived at Home, he slept in the Car, brought him inside and suddenly the door bell rang.
Who but his Grandma (he calls her Mao) arrived. 
Then we went to the Play Ground only a couple of Minutes walking distance away.
Here we are, all but “bestefar”.
2012-03 Promille Weg 
Bestefar went for a Short Walk…. Hmm, is this a safe place?2012-03 With Gun in the Park
Better go back to the Playground … but, is it safer here?
2012-03 Playground with Sand
Suddenly this little boy showed up.
They played for a while, when the Boys Mother said: Hi, we must go go, but he would not.
Then Leander (2) said:
- Did you hear, you are going Home. Your Mother is there, he said and pointed at the other boy’s Mother.
Leander sat up a very strict face and looked directly at the Boy.
Who then went to his Mother…
2012-03 Playground - swing
Then there was a swinging time….
2012-03 Leander ruching down
Before rushing home ….
… going out for Dinner

But, that’s another story


Sunday, March 04, 2012

Winter Vacation – Part 2

Hi, dear readers, papa is back again with report #2 from our Winter Vacation. This time from Sjötorp where the Göta Channel begins at the Easter end of lake Vänern, the largest lake in Scandinavia. You can see the Summer in this Blog Post.
Here we are on the top of the 3 Locks. It’s Ice!!!
Boats packed for the Winter
Winter maintenace
No reason to use the Buoy this time of Year
Baltzar con Platen was the Göta Kanal constructor
I had a cup of Hot Chocholade in the Cafe….
What to do if you have no Boat or do not swim in the Channel?
Rent a Bike. All informations above:-)

See also from our blog meeting on Lifecruiser and RennyBA
More to come…