Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lillis has got a new Home

This afternoon Lillis was picked up by her new humans.

As you may recall, we have been very restricted and demanding when choosing a new home for this very special Cat of the Manx breed.
Lillis laying on the Cat Tower
Photo taken Sunday, March 27. Nearly 5 Months old (Born Nov 3)

Lilli was born during special conditions: Breech Birth. Papa had to grip her back bones and pull her gently out. When out, we were convinced she was dead. But her Mother started to lick her and whatever a Mother could do to bring her newborn allive.
You can see and read about it here.

And she is as well only kitten. And a Manx.

Lillis - a portrait 
I simply had to take some more photos of her, as we agreed upon the Day and Time when she would be delivered to her new humans.
We are convinced she will have a great life with them.
Her older sister (Marta) and brother (Manxen/Monsen) lives with and have a great Cat life with the girls  grandpa and wife in their house.
Lillis playing with Aunt Rosa - just before the new owners arrived
Lillis playing with Rosa
Lillis loved to play with her Aunt Rosa.
Lilli with Evelyn og Anna
Lillis in Cage with her new humans 1 
Here you see her new human friends. They have a 13-14 year old Male Cat from before, so we think Lillis will turn up his and his humans life.
Lillis last Photo in cage 
Farwell Lillis. We will allways remember you;-)
We know you would have liked to stay with us, but we had to realize it would not have been the best for you.
Lillis you should know, Teardrops kept falling when you left… We wish you the very best in your new Home.

We hope to see Photos and have reports from your new Home and Life.

More about Cats here

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday report from Oslo – March 26-2011

It’s Springtime and a Sunny Day here in Oslo this Saturday. What are people doing when the Sun shines and it is still lot’s of Snow in the Hills and Ice on the Fiord?  How does it looks like?
Lets take a tour along the shores of the inner part of the Oslofiord.
 B Huk - stabel av is med måker
Ice on a Rock with Sunlicking Birds. Click to enlarge. From Huk.
B Hvervenbukta - islagt fjord 

Lets start our tour in Southern Oslo, at Hvervenbukta. See, it is still Ice on the Fiord, which has been rare for many years. Far out you can see some people – fishing.
B Hvervenbukta - vårliv 

Some people prefere to enjoy the last of the Winter for a final Cross Country Skiing in the Hills. But it is as well popular to go to the Seaside and enjoy the Sun.  Here is the proof.
B Hvervenbukta - dykkere B Hvervenbukta - dykkere 2
B Hvervenbukta - blåttt bord B Hvervenbukta - er isen sikker
The two photos on top shows divers traning under-ice diving. They did find a wreck.  The Divers are connected to the Ice surface with a Rope. Down left: Memories from last Summer and down right: Young girls checking the Ice.
B Hvervenbukta - Eik B Hvervenbukta - nakne trær
Naked trees at the Seaside. It’s a nice walking path along the Shore, you can walk for around for45 minutes. Go up on the Hill with a nice view over the Oslofiord. Or just sit down in the Nature and have a nice time at the Beachfront.
B Kongsgården 
Well, this was a short visit to Hvervenbukta in Oslo South. Now I will bring you to the Peninsula where I grew up:  Bygdöy. Here from the Royal Farm. Still lots of Snow. 
Huk - Reatsurant etc 
We will go to the very popular Beach at Huk.  It’s about 20 km via the Operatunnel and then to the West and South again. The Photos are taken from the Naturist part of the Beach, but no Nudes this time of year. LOL:-)
B Huk - ishaug på skjær B Huk - Karstenbukta 1
Huk fjord og is Huk - is på skjær med måke
I think you will understand this Day was not meant for swimming…  Fascinating with the Iceblocks on the Rocks. From top left: Ice on rocks. the inlet separating the Naturist Beach from the textile beach, down left view westward and down right view eastward.

Fornebu - ny by Lysaker - Bærumsiden
B Huk - Is og lysakerfjorden Huk - islagt fjord
West of the Beach the old Oslo Airport used to be (until Oct 7, 1998). Today it houses IT-industry, In-door Sport Arena, Businesses and a new City is under construction.Huk - reflekser på isen
Sun reflexions on Fiord Ice
Rodeløkken Kafe 
Let’s end this tour at a very special place: Rodelökken Kafe, located at the northern part of Bygdöy.
B Rodeløkken - Henningslyst 
First part of the House is from 1780 and the Cafe opened in 1874
Rodeløkken uteservering B Rodeløkken hus
B Frognerkilen mot Thomas Heftys gate Frohnerkilen Skarpsno
The Cafe is very popular during the Summer Months. It opened for the Season this Saturday. Up right  you see part of the original building.  The Panel is renewed. Down under you see the view from Rodelökken. Oslo West End and Frognerkilen, one of the two  inlets that makes Bygdöy a peninsula.

Out here at Bygdöy peninsula you will also find the Viking Ships Museum, The Kon Tiki and Ra and the Polarship Fram and the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History outdoor and indoor museum where you can see how people have lived here in Norway the past 1000 years.
Among others.

PS. Still waiting for a new permanent Internet connection

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Another Short report from Oslo, Norway – February-March 2011

March 2, 2011

The cold has lost it’s grip over Oslo. It means it’s just above freezing point downtown and some degrees under freezing point in the Hills, where just now the World Championships in Nordic Ski takes places.
Result: Fog from about 250-550 meters (750-1650 feet) about Sea Level.
just where the Competions takes places.

This Day Sweden, France and Canada won the Gold Medals. It was in fact the first  ever for Canada. Congrats.
I was downtown with my Camera to take Photos.
OSL March 2011 - Woman in White 
Women in White - a Group
This were the only two before my Camera Battery went flat. Grrrr.
I might have told you I do have a temporary, slow Internet connection? And we also need to change TV-cable vendor?
Monday Feb 28 Sunset 0
Monday, Feb 28, I went to pick up the new equipment needed for the new connections. I took some Photos on my way to pick up the new “boxes”. As you can see, it was in the Afternoon.
But, I was disturbed by a “chopper”.
Empty Playground - Snow you know 
So, I looked at the Playground. Who plays basket outdoor these Days?
Playground - No Kids 
Not even the Small Kids have not played here for a while.
I suspect they are out Skiing or up in the Hills following the World Championships;-)
Chopper 2 Why is the Chopper still following me? Google? Who knows?

The change will take place on Monday March 7. I hope I can cope with all the Cables supported and mix boxes etc the correct way. I’m afraid I need a Day off from work;-) 
Marta og Monsen 
By the way, we had a short visit to our friends, who now has Felicia’s kitten. Marta and Monsen. They are really great. And seemed to recognize the both of us. They live in a very good home.
Thinking about travel 
We are planning our Summer Vacation…. Where will we land and who will visit?

More to come….

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