Saturday, May 31, 2008

PhotoHunt: Me

Wow, I can't show you me as I am. Not in public. People would go crazy of such a sight. Me, with a tie, only LOL.

Here is me. The "old man and the Sea" - that's me

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Papa goes crazy shopping - and Thanks for all words and Thoughts

Dear Blogger Friends
my mind is about to come back to reality after Ruben's sudden death.
To day I went to the Green House.
Everybody that do know me closely, they do know: Tor at a Green House= Tor is broke - LOL.

Yes, I do admit it: I love flowers and plants.
Then, what's more natural then that give you, me dear reader, a short sight of our new Summmer Flowers here in our Summer Paradise, as a "Thank You" for all kind words, blessings and Prayers regarding Ruben.
Believe me when I write:
Every single letter, comment, e-cards and phonecalls did cheer us up. It was very important for us.

Hello I say to my self,
don't forget the Flowers. Here they are.

Flowers in our outside fireplace


Some Flowers I did bought today. The Blue ones (looks white here) are named Felica - like my Cat;))

Violas etc

Looking down from the Platform

Felicia - the blue and yellow - the others are of course Dahlia's

Lilacs - seen from our Platform - what a wonderful smell
All photos in this post is taken by myself. My feet will prove that fact.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2 1/2 hours - Wordless Wednesday

Rubens Friends and Familiy - it took 2 1/2 hours to write their words into his memorial-book.

My personal bloggerfriend
RenneyBA did post from the ceremony

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Ruben: Funeral Day

This is Rubens Funeral Day - Monday, May 26 - 2008

Ruben as teenager

The Death Announcement

It will be a hard day.
Thanks for all kind words and warm thoughts from blogger-friends all over the world.

When I feel strong enough I will tell you more about Ruben. An extraodinary person - far away from the Main Stream.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ruben - Jan 29-1968 - May 18-2008

My dear Son Ruben,
it's hard to believe for your Son, Parents, Family and all your Friends that you died on May 18, 2008, just passed the age of 40. In your own home. Probably by Heart problems. We hope you passed away without any hurt.

We will arrange a Funeral your style and allways at January 29 we'll have a gathering in the memory of you - friends and family. The symbol in the announcement will be a Pigeon and the

Here is the last photo I took of you. When you read your own poem to me on my 63 B D last April.
Your grandma was impressed both by the words and your performance. So were we all.

Excuse me, my dear Ruben, papa is crying, loudly. I'm gonna miss you. Like all the rest of us. Friends and Family.
Ingelin is back from Hong Kong and Mats is coming from Michigan - here in Oslo.
The memorial will take place at Kampen kirke, Monday May 26 at 1300, then at "Lompa". Wish you could have joined us.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Candy and Cold National Day

Candy - a mix of sweets and having a great time
We did wake up this morning - if not?
- Thus this post - lucky 4 U and also for you and everybody that have access and read these humble lines.

May 17 is the Norwegian National Day . Our Constitutional declaration of May 17, 1814.

As told in my former post: Weather. That really matters here-
First thing to do in the Morning?

The Fireplace. We need heat

Flags - it's the Norwegian - 2008 - In spite of the Rain and heavy wind. ( took me 3 hours to see them without wind for the Photo to be taken -that's for you, my dear readers)

Rosa - outside? no no

Felicia - outside? No No

Fleurs de Lis

Have a great and positev time to come

Hugs - Baisses - kramar - klemmer

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Contrasts .- May 17 - National Day Norway

my dear reader

The Month of May gives us great contrasts here in Norway, when talking about Climate. From South to North.
The Sun has taken over more or less the whole 24 hours of Night and Day. But, we do not know the weather. Our Constitunional Day is at May 17. Which means we all can remember from year to year. What clothing to wear and what's not to wear.
Last year it was a very Sunny Day (Oslo) with a good temperature around 22-25 C ( 72-77F) here in the Oslo area. This year, we do expect snow in the hills only 200 meters above sea level (630 feet) -

Cold wind from the North came in this (Friday) afternoon.

Here you can see 2 pics, which proofs that fact. Remark the "artificial sky" - which allways tells:
Weather change. Yeah. We feel it. And our fireplace have been in use since early this afternoon.

View Southwards

View to the Islands Eastwards - both Photos taken just minutes after our arrival back from Work. Ten minutes later, heavy Rain. We stayed indoor. Just now, when I do post this, it's not raining, but it's more to come. In one way, that's positive for the garden. But when it's close to freezing point: No-No-No
- We have brought our herbs and flowers indoor.

Last years Norwegian National Day

PS. Please go and visit our one and only Mrs Lifecruiser on May 17. Why? Simply because Mr Lifecruiser do have his Birthday - on the Norwegian National Day.

((we did call him 2 minutes after midnight - lol)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Apple Blossom Time 2008 - Norway

Here you see our youngest Apple Tree at Blossom in May 2008 ( Thursday May 13, when we returned from Work). It's situated close to the Road, and people sneak to have one of these sweet and juicy apples in the Autumn/Fall. Even the Postman. LOL. That's Ok. We eat the Apples fresh and make Chutney out of the rest. If there is still more, Anna brings them to School for her students that lives downtown Oslo, or they at School make Apple Pies.
Wordless Wednesday

PS. Do you know what Nation that do have National Day on Saturday, May 17?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hungry Cat or Chef?

Hello, please send me some ingredients. I wanna cook. And prepare Coffee for you

Well, it was a great, secret Meal
Have to run out. I'm Dating. Purr-purr
More Cats on Tuesdays at Gattinas

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Monday, May 12, 2008

From Spring to Summer - in one Week

When I was young, I do (think to) remember the Spring lasted for a month or two.
The last years it just arrived. The Spring. And before I have felt this beautiful Season when the Snow did melting, the Spring Creeks, the Bird songs, the Flowers that did
come to sight through the Snow , it's gone. In one Weeek. It's Summer. In one Week;D.
Last weeks view up the Hills from our platform upwards the rocksThis weeks view. See the changes?
Tulips. The Deers did not find them. But the other morning we allmost hit them (Two Deers) at the Road early in the Morning. Beautiful animals.
We have been busy. New Flowers. And Herbs.
Our Cats are mating. Mieooooww. Yes, you know the "singing". Here is Felicia's fav
Have a great Week to come. We will be back to work on Tuesday.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

PhotoHunt Saturday May 10-2008: ANYone needs it

Need I say more than ANYone can use these Paperrolls?

More interesting ANY here - an exciting theme

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

TT - Oslo May 8 - 2008

Another TORsday with papa

First of all I do have to admit: I'am a Wreck. The proof is above these lines. Wreck Beach in Vancouver, BC. (Canada, West coast - yeah, I did swim there)

1)This TORsday have been very busy. Alarm Bell at 5:50 AM. (Sunrise at 4:47)
2)Coffee for Anna. Feeding the Cats. Not only for the morning but for 12 hours.
3)Ok - they hunt (the Cats) - but you know - as a security - it's served
4)Going to Work - Anna as usual - teaching her classes. Me as joint responsible with Johs at an
5)IT-Managers Conference. Renny was also there, on this occasion as an attendee.

6)I learned a lot of future business and private life - the new mobile and virtual life and communities.( Interesting, as I was among the ones to create this event. CxO- standard.)
7)And about mobile workers and social individual responsibilities
8)and how IT can help to develop our tiny planet to be a better place
9)for all living beeings - humans, plants, animals of all kinds.
10) and find out how to secure fresh Water.
11) Well, back from todays events, I did go to our Winterhome - while Anna had to go to our Summerhome. Due to our Cats.

12) Thursday - well, when returning from inside to see the temperature at our Winter

Home Balconny, you would not believe the photo next to see:

13) This for you, that are not familiar to Centigrades:
44C = 111.2 F Sun Temp (but Shadow temp this evening (8 pm) : 25 C = 77 F)

Have a wonderful time. (It's Celcius - not F - click on the Calculatur to the left - OK)

Some of my dear readers my recall the Orchides brought by Solvi, from Bangkok 6 weeks ago?
They are still here.

PS. This weekend will be very busy. Not only preparing our Summer Garden, but also the fact my Son Niklas on Sunday has his BD. Only 20-19, as he loves to express it. Great.

Wish you all the best for the rest of the week and have a splendid time

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Papa and Daughter - Wordless

We have allways fun. Now she is grown up to be a Lady. And Papa is still the same. LOL.
Repro from old Slide.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Felicia jumps to the Roof and Peder Fur is back


My dear readers do know we have moved to our Summerhouse for the season. Felicia and Rosa loves their hunting fields and also their viewposts. Felicia loves to stay on top of the roof. Here you can see how she prepare for the jump. You must enlarge to see her in the nature

I'm not able to jump that long and high. LOL.

Here you see her preparing to jump to the roof:
Here she has started to jump:

Here you can see her in more details. Remark her back feet are still on the rock, with no movements, while the rest of her body is up to high speed. Fascinating the cats body-"construction" or Anathomy:
And if Felicia is not down from the Roof, she still is on the Top.
And here, an old Friend, Peder Pels or Peder Fur. He is back again, begging for food:

More Cats over here at Gattinas.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Photo Hunt - May 3 - 2008: TIME

Here you see books I have collected through time(s). Some are printed more than 150 years ago. The Christmas Oratorio by J S Bach is composed hundreds of years ago, but have survived Time.
And the Clock I did buy for USD 1.50 ten years ago is still going strong. It even does show the correct Time. Click to see the Timeline and discover some more Secrets.

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