Saturday, November 29, 2008

PhotoHunt: METAL - November 29 -2008

This is the Metal Roller Coaster at Michigan Adventure - 2003

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RennyBA on Cruise

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Papa is still going strong and are alive

Yes, I'm alive. Written som personal e-mails/Twitters/Facebook. Been "half"-chatting with my youngest Son in MI. It's going positive for his MILF. Her treatment has been tough. Lost her hair, but she seems to cope and overcome. God Bless her.

Posted 5 Photos here

The week to come will be extremely busy. But, at the end of the Week I'll meet some friends you might know:
Renny - 3 years as blogger and among the rated top 3 i Europe
Diane - Renny's wonderful wife
Lifecruiser - our cybercruise captain - now back in Norway again
Gunnar - an amazing person who will be my key-note speaker on Thursday

Have a great week to come
(and excuse my present absent - it's very hard for me - but the good thing is:
I'll return - just cheer me up)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - November 12 - 2008

Still I can not upload photos the way I want to Blogger. That's why I'm not Wordless in this introduction.

But you, this week, have an unique opportunity by clicking below to experience The Full Moon in October and November 2008 as seen from my Office. That's something only a handfull of people have ever seen in real life. Why? Full Moon and Clear Sky 2 months in a Row. That's written down in the Book of Metrological Rarities.

Please click to enjoy (until I'll have my new blog solution ready).

If you are still Wordless - click here

PS. My dear blogger friends - papa did post this in between his work at 9:29 PM - so excuse me if I have not commented your entry.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

PhotoHunt: TOGETHER - November 7 -2008

There will still be an effort for you to watch this TOGETHER PHOTO.
But, it's only a single click away.

PS. It has something with Blogger Friends to do. May they be TOGETHER across Border Lines?

More TOGETHER here

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

TORsday 13 - November 6 - 2008

Hello everybody,
how are you? Do you live a place were Winter or Summer are upcomming? Or something in between? Dry Season or Wet Season?
This is my theme this week:

13 examples from different Seasons. You have to click to find your favourite Season and Location. That's fair. You will WIN every time you click on your favourite. (Some Photos might be out od Season - excuse me for that fact - OK?)

Then you will see a Photo taken by TORhimself. I'll give a clue, so you can choose your own favourite place and Season.
PS. There is one rule:
If you click, you must confirm you did visit. OK?

1) The Windy City - The next US President

2) World Nature Heritage - Norway

3) Wild - Norway

4) Chile - cheese

5) Naked Man - a sculputure in a Vancouver BC Park?

6) White and Red - say no more

7) Unique carvings on World Heritage Culture ranking

8) Rio? yes it is. But where?

9) Legendary ship construction

10) New view of where the Milks originates

11) Black and White - allmost - sculpture or model? That's the Question

12) India - where?

13) I do set my post here.

Hope you had some nice experiences by seeing so different photos and places from different countries and situations.

It might be more of this kind of blog posts on my sitede until I change to a "New Order".
If you, my dear reader likes it - considering I can't upload photos to my blog - please encourage me with comments - also on todays Photos.

PS- Great Hugs to all of you that have given me such great comfort during our grief. It really means a lots. I do not how I can thank you all - It's a first time experience.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US Election - A Wonderful World and a visit to the Opera

I realize that some US citizens orginated from certain parts of Europe, will never vote for a man who's grand parents were white as Snow, but who's kids accepted that they did live in THE country that has blended all races into one Nation: The United States of America.

Long live the acceptance of Peace and Races and Religions.

We blog for Peace and Mutual Respect.

Else go to the Opera

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Alle helgens dag - Toussaintes - Todo los Santos - All Saints

Here it is (from the All Saints ceremony at the family graveyard):
My Dear Son Ruben: Papa miss you and think about you every Day and moment.
I tell you, we had a great "Womens Day" here yesterday. We all missed you.
And this afternoon with lit 3 lights and Niklas and Maria and Sebastian also came with their light. So it was a light for you, you grandpa, and both his parents - which you never met - but you have seen the Summerhome that was buildt by my grandpa- your papa is still in unbelievable sorrow. He don't care about wath others says about his loss, reactions and grief. There my dear Son, we are so alike. When do we meet again. Papa miss you. Like you missed me. Remember?
You know, we talk a way of our own. Allways did. That was unique. For 38 hours non-stop.
And we met here and there. haha - that was fun most times.

Ingelin and Niklas went to Langøyene ( Norwegian: sent i høst med snekka og tok med seg en stor sten, fra der du og i dine venner hadde "Campen") late this Fall and brought back a Stone from where you and your friends had the Camp.
It's placed on your Grave. The Words engraved are simple but from our Hearts: Vi savner deg - We miss you

Forever I love you my son, Ruben

Pappa, I love you,
you said and jumped upon my hips


Think about it

I hope Americans will realice once and for all on November 4:
It's about 6 billion human beeings not living in "The Homeland" on this Planet Earth.
Change is needed. In many ways. An old man (and War Hero - from a War which US lost) is not what the US and the planet now needs. And a Vice President that will get rid of the Polar Bears? Is she dreaming about Alaska as the new Florida or Hawaii? Due to climate changes.

Too many Americans now suffer from bad government and Finacial Bosses own Greedy.
What about blue collar workers in the automobile industry?. Once the Proud of USA. Production - all kinds:
Outsourced to Communist China. (It's cheap, so we say nothing about Human Rights)

I'm not at all for protectionism, but you have to think on a longer horizen than the boss'es next quarterly bonus. It's simply not Healthy. For anybody.


Saturday, November 01, 2008

PhotoHunt: BLUE - November 1 -2008

This is funny, posting here on Photo Hunter without a Photo (Read the post below)
By the way: Do you know the "meaning" of Blue? And that 2008 is the year of the colour Blue?
Click here

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