Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Metin Leander writes his own story -1 Year Young

Amazing how times runs fast for Grand Parents – while Mothers who breastfeed, in one way should wish the time went slower, between the feedings. On the other hand: Every second hour 24/7 for a year, well…… I need food
And my Father is working  several miles from me. But that will change this Week.
Strong Birth Day wishes.
Grand Parents and Friends have options to see me whenever

Metin Leander with Blue Baloon 
When 1 year I went 6 steps. Then asked for a driver… or a blue balloon. Find out at Ingelin’s Facebook.
Here follows some scenes from my life so far.
13 Days before Birth 
Here just before the rest of the Family first time did see me. They celebrated my Mothers  Fathers Mothers 90 years BD, October 2009. But I in a way was very visible.
Some scenes from my first winter in Oslo
New Winter Sweater
With my Mother and a new sweater, knitted by Anna.
With Uncle etc around X-Mas
With Uncle  Niklas and Auntie Maria. Mommy just watched with care and joy.
Very young in Oslo 
Safe in chaisselonge with baba and anneanne (Papa and Grandma)He likes Silver Cups
I love allready Silver Cups. Next is going for Gold. I will.
90 years and 13 days in age difference 
90 years and 13 days in age difference. X-Mas 2009. Parts of mama to the left and grandma to the right. That was fun.
With babababa first time 
Babababa did see me, his first Grandson first time in Oslo, Norway. It seems he was very proud.
Hi you grandma 
Grandma? (babaanne - was Grandpa in Oslo able to translate correctly or should I give him a Lesson he will never forget?)) Is it right that have you coming all the way up to Norway – I think we will be good Friends.
(haha – my parents did met in Hong Kong etc – that’s a longer Flight that the short one you did have..)
Restaurant - first time - Ekeberg
OK,  I invite you all to a Restaurant in Oslo with a View.  But look out only when I’m asleep! I will learn to know you all. And need full attention.

Naming Day, Saturday, February 27 - 2010
Dressed in National Norwegian Costumes (bunad)
Dressed up in National Costumes. From where? At least Europe or?Cake with B D initials
Why this Cake? It was my Naming Day. And where did that take place?
Naming ceremony Naming Ceremony - 1
naming day with parents Naming Day Cake
In Oslo City Hall, where The Nobel Peace Price Ceremony as well takes place. Click to see the details.
(PS, I’m sure I’ll win a Medal or more one Day)

In the Summer, I love to be in Turkey
Mit Viking Vater
It seems Grandpa likes it as well, besides me of course.
Hot or  - Istanbul 2010
Sometimes it can be warm in Istanbul, and my Mother allways checks out. I think she is very found of me. Papa as well of course.
Bring him to a shop and you fot 70 % discount at once 
I’m very good at helping my family to have exceptional discounts when they are out shopping. I think there will be more situations like this one above.
Hungry young man in Istanbul
I’m at Midpoint on the Asian side of Istanbul. Please serve my dessert quickly.
Like fruits
OK, I accept a  fresh Fruit – is it Organic?

Time to go South to Bodrum AreaBodrum 1 at platform
I like it here. The Glasses on the Platform keeps the Wind away.
Bodrum - lunch Bodrum Lunch -hi friends
The Lunch at my Private Beach is Fabulous.  Besides, I love all the attention people here gives me. Due to my heritated descretion, only Family are shown here.  I need some Privacy – just wait and see my preferences
.Bodrum first Swim
My first Swim. Hope you are not embarassed – I only wear my Swim Hat. Babaanne keeps me out from the Wild Spectactors.
Night Shopping 
PS. We went Night Shopping. 80% reduced prices thanks to me.
I will tell you more, in a while

OK Folks, this all for now.

PS. I’m on the move again. Seems to be a habit in my Family.

PS 2.My Grandpa in Norway did translate my story. I think he is good at that.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A fabulous view and something we did not knew

Happily Claudie and Pierre had a day off from work – even mid week -  when  they so gently hosted us first week of October 2010.
So what to do?
Among 1000's of options we choosed the Sky.
Faron Telefpherique plakat
Why not?
Faron -teleferique coming down 
Risky business ?– well – it swinged
Faron - view with P and C 
What was the idea. Was it a View?  Pierre did test while Claudie awaited the result.
Faron View 1 Faron - Anna at Cafe
Faron -view 3  Faron -view 4
La plus belles rade d’Europe – agree? OK – the view from Flöien Bergen Norway can compete.
Faron -walking at the top 
We went for a Walk – 30 minutes or so on the plateaux

Faron - chappel IMG_3282
And we did visit this sacret place.

There is more on Mount Faron: WW2
Faron - memorial
Faron- bastide
It was closed when we where there, but you can see and think  your own thoughts
We went to the ZOO.
They do care of Cats, all seizes here . feed them and bring them back where they natural lives. Humans protect them in one hand, and kill them with the other.

Wiki in French
Wiki in English
Faron - Genette
Suddenly something very unespected – have never seen or heard about before.
Faron Chenette in live
Did you know these animals was domestic? Used by Farmers in Southern Europe in the Middle Age to keep the Mice away.  They now live as wild animals. Hardly known and seen.
Faron Chenette like a Cat 
Looks like a Cat – click to have an interesting View.
Faron - we had a wonderful Day -Claudie 
We were up there for splendid hours – a rest needed
If we come down safe and sound, there will be a very secial post from St. Tropez and Tahiti Beach.
If not wooooooooowooo
Wisk you all a happy week. Carpe Diem - it's your week

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Sunday in Norway

What to do when the Summer is over? And after returning from a fantastic week with Claudie and Pierre in Provence (more to come from that visit) to a chilly place?
Well, something we had to do.
Summer Greetings 
Close the Summer Water in the Summer House.To avoid freezing and Water leakage and heavy repair and bills.
2010-10-16 - Summerhouse 
My Son and Grandson went out there with me. Only 30 minutes drive our so. Checking the Grapes. Result: No harvest 2010.
2010-10-16 - Summerhouse - Apple tree 2 
Grandson loved to pick the last of the Apples.
2010-10-16 - Summerhouse Apple Tree 1 
He ran up the ladder like a Monkey.

2010-10-16 - Summerhouse - Apple Tree 3 
And picke Apples, one by one. Very carefully. And droped one by one to his Father. At least that was the intention;) Can you see him up in the Tree?2010-10-16 - Summerhouse - Apple Tree Seb on top 1 
Here he is at the very top. Can you see him? – if not, click to enlarge. Only Cats and Birds can be that high in the 70-year old Apple Tree.

After what we had done what we had to do in the Summer House, we headed for Oslo.
2010-10-16 - Tourist info Oslo etc 
First stop: Tourist Information – Oslo and Akershus (Departement surrounding Oslo)
2010-10-16 - Seb and Hot Dog 
Hungry youngsters. Papa had to tank up his Car, they too, in their way. Hot Dogs.

Next project: Helping Maria in the Marina.
2010-10-16 - Sailboat must be ready for the Winter 1 
The Sailboats Mast had to be taken down, before laid up for Winter storage.
2010-10-16 - Sailboat must be ready for the Winter 4 
We were lucky: Clear blue Sky.
2010-10-16 - Sailboat must be ready for the Winter 3 
The next Day, the Boat was safe and sound in it’s Winter Storage.
(It’s a must due to Ice and Snow up here at 60 degrees North)

More from here and there to come….

PS. If you want to see some Photos from a Nature Preservation Area in Oslo you can go here to my blog
or read
more here in English.
Birds sanctuary and Lake and Wetland inside Oslo, the Capital of Norway.