Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Vacation with Nordic Blog Friends - Part 1

My dear blog friends, it’s a strange periode for me: First of April I’ll retire. I started my working career in Paris in 1967. Hope to return there and walk around the “old streets” and memorize.
Last week I had the pleasure to meet old blog friends from Sweden and Norway – in Mariestad, Sweden. Here are some photos from that great event.
Mariestad - Shopping 1 
I arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and heated up RennyBA’s leisure appartement waiting for Mrs and Mr LifeCruiser. The next Day we went shopping – you see;-)
Then, on Thursday, when the Sun light up the whole area, we went to the Cathedral of Mariestad.
Here from the interieur

DSC_1159 DSC_1160
DSC_1161 DSC_1164
Some details – click to enlarge – See the last one: The different stones they found to build the Cathedral.
DSC_1169 DSC_1173
Some views from Old Town Mariestad. Lifecruises takes Photos.
B P T Mariestad 2012 
Here we are – a bad selfportrait. But it’s us on a Tuesday evening;-)

More to come….


Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Sunday with a FB Friend from Holland – in Oslo

What to do when you have foreign friends via social medias when they are in your Home Town?
You will be Guide of Course.
It was on Saturday I met her for the second Saturday in a row– a very foggy Day in Oslo, besides I did forget the batteries for my Camera. What a disaster. And I had planned for her to see Oslo out of the normal tourist tracks. Shit happens.
But Sunday, I met Sylvien from Holland again, her last Day in Norway this time.  Our plan was to visit the National Gallery, so stay tuned to my report:
2012-02-19 View from the Bus Stop - our Condo in the background 
I went to my local Bus Station around 11 am.
2012-02-19 The Local Train Station 
After 4 minutes I’m at the local Train Station. It will reopen in a new standard on Monday, February 20 – 2012. 12 Minutes to Downtown Oslo.
2012-02-19 Taken from the Train 1 2012-02-19 Taken from the train - Marina in Oslo - Norway 2012-02-19 Taken from the Train 3 - Oslo
Here are some Photos from the Train Ride to Down Town Oslo.
2012-02-19 In the NG Oslo- Norway
Sylvien in the National Gallery
2012-02-19 Painting, Sculptures and Sylvien 
Here she is again. Hmm, I think she took a photo of me??
2012-02-19 Winters Night in Rondane -Harald Sohlberg
This painting by Harald Sohlberg is amazing.
2012-02-19 Willumsen- Jens Ferdinand - After the tempest 
And this one by Jens Ferdinan Willumsen – after the Tempest
2019-02-19 National Gallery - Oslo -Norway 2012-02-17 NG Leif Erikson discovers Amerika painted by Cjristian Krohg.
2012-02.19 J C Dahl Night Fishing with flames 2012-02-19 Ornaments NG Oslo - Norway
Above some more from the National Gallery. You might find other paintings and Sculpture more fascinating – it’s free enterence on Sundays.  Besides Norwegain Painters it’s a large collection of French, and Dutch and German Painters as well. Just know it’s a great Collection of Candian Painters called “Painting Canada”. Tom Thomson and his “School” is the main attraction. This special Excibition will we poen until May 13 – 2012.
The Gallery have artifacts from around year 2000 bc.

220px-Self_Portrait_with_Skeleton_Arm 240px-The_Scream
And a special room for Edvard Munch. Sylvian and me did visit the Munch Museum in Oslo on Saturday. So we reached two great galleries in two Days.
2012-02-19 Hot Chocolade 
Well. after spending 2 1/2 hours with art from several countries and times it’s nice to have a hot chocolade.
2012-02-19 Hotell Lobby 
Down to the Hotel Lobby
2012-02-19 Leaving Hotel 
And here you see Sylvien with her luggage heading for the Train to Oslo Airport.
We had a great time togeghter.
And happy  I connected Maria and Sylvien as FB friends. They both love Norway and I love them as well. Can it better?

More to come…


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lemon Festival in Menton – Festival de Citron

This Festival will open on Februaty 17th this year and ends on March 7.
Menton Oranges 
I was in Menton on Wednesday Fenruary 8. The preparation for the Festival was well “en route”. All the Lemon/Orange Sculptures were well hidden behind high Fences. But I’m a tall man;-) And did take some snap-shots ----
Menton - prepaing for Lemon Festival 1
What are they preparing here?
Menton - prepaing for Lemon Festival 2
Looks like a Pyramide or?
Menton - prepaing for Lemon Festival 3 
Do you have any idea what this will be?  I could not see, but took the Photo way high over my head and the Fence….
Menton - prepaing for Lemon Festival 4 
I could not see this Sculpture either. Only my Camera. Lemons and Oranges…
Menton - Wall Art 
There is more permanent art to see in Menton.
Even an Art gallery named Anna;-)

Have a nice week.
More to come from here and there….


Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter at The French Riviera

I’m visiting an old Friend just 1/2 hour drive away from Nice  at the French Riviera or Côte d’Azur. So far the Climate is not what most people think about regarding this region.
2012-02-02 Hagebenk Vence 
Here it normally is wonderful to sit outside….
2012.02.02 Vue from Garden 1 
View up the Hills
2012 - Thw Well with Snow 
The old Well
Cannes - Croisette 
Cannes – Croisette. No glamour this time of year
Cannes Carlton 
Carlton Hotel in February
Cannes - Chez Freddy Duck 
Duck for Lunch in Cannes. Chez Freddy
Cannes and Esterelles
Cannes, Beach and Esterelles Mountains – bfore the Snow

More to come from my week at the French Riviera…..