Thursday, January 31, 2008

A very bad experience with American Airlines

1)My regular readers do know that Ingelin should have been in Oslo by now.
2)She is not.
3)Still in Miami due to American Airlines.
4)She will on my blog tell you what happened
5)and then why you should avoid American Airlines.
6)At least if you are going to Europe.
7)The superviser did not know how much luggage allowed to Europe
8)This was at International Check-in
9)They spent 20 minutes to find out
10)It must be embrassing to have such low standard on personel
11)No excuses given
12)No compensation given
13)"You must write an e-mail" the only answer given - it will come plus bad reputation on a blog

Stay tuned for the full story

PS. Let us show the Big Companies they can not any longer take their customers as granted. Blogging is the strongest free media to tell them and reveal them when they mistreat and deliver bad services and behaviour. So please, when Ingelin have posted her story, deal it with others.
(Traditional medias these days are scared from doing any critisism - they can loose advertising money - free press?)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Jan 30 - 2008

This Donkey was Wordless, but the Eyes told us:
No trespassing - unless paid a Toll of a ton of hay.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Papa and Klara

My regular readers do know I love Cats. And speaks to Cats in their language wherever I am. It's easier for me than most Human Languages. How is that with you? Mieuoow
You have (?) met Klara or Clara before. That is the name Ingelin gave her, not what the CEO of the hotel named her: Evita. Hence you got the clue: She is an Argentinian young Lady.

I do think she felt in love with me. Neither Anna nor Ingelin did find her. I just sat down in the Shadow and seconds later she was there. May be it's the colour of my skin. Just like at the Wall behind.

No Tango needed to get in touch - or was it too hot for a dance?

She is looking down. Am I too sexy dressed for such a meeting? Or simply too well fed? (She attacked my left foot - but no Cameras to witness)
Did you know the Nickname for a Cat in Norway is: Pus?
When the old Viking, naïv as allways, translates it to English, it comes out as "Pussy". Some giggles others are shocked. Can someone explain? You know, how to avoid to embarrass people.

Can I say: I love pussies without being misunderstood. Or should I say: I love Cats. Please advice.

Have a great week. There will be more adventures posts to come (also from Ingelin's transit via Oslo from Miami to Hong Kong)
More Cats here at Gattinas site

PS. Besides Workload - well, we have to plan Ingelin's 4 days in transit here - with friends and family. Besides my oldest Son is 40 today. Please do understand and excuse me for not beeing a regular visitors these Days. I do not like it, but some times - Facts is facts: Even I have to admit it's a life outside our blogsphere.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friday Shopping and Dinner

(Slept since - haha)
My regular readers do know papa goes shopping on Saturdays. This week was otherwise. I picked up my Silver Wedding bride at the Train station at 2:25 am. Then we went shopping.

- The shopping list, do you have it? I asked
- No, I left it on the Kitchen, for you to bring, Anna said
- Oh, hallo, how could I know
- I did not bring that list - too heavy for me, she replied
- Ok, we know what we MUST have, at least
- Yes, she said.

First to do: Food for the cats, coffee, milk and bread, dinner for the working week. Then:

- Do you want Fish for Dinner to day, Anna said.
- Yeah, I answered
- Then let's go and look what they can offer

We so did. Before arriving the Fisch Counter, we picked up some Green fresh Aspargus. A must have.


- They have Oysters to day - I cryed out
- Yes, said Anna, shall we buy some?
- We buy them all, I said, forget the price (USD 3 each).

And we did. It was only ten left.

Oysters means Work - but we do have the Tools. Champagne as well? On a Friday?

Hm - It's served - over Oncle Hansi's Drawings

Chez nous - allways on Ice cubes and lemon Juice to press over.

Anna - how can you----?

Did I like the Oysters?
Plus fresh Cod (Baccalao). You can watch our meal by scrolling down

Here is the Cod - in Fresh Water

The Carrots - heated " au point" - for the Cod
Normally our Friday dinners are very simple - after a weeks hard work. This weekend turned out to be different. The best dinner on Friday. Sat and Sun: Home made OxTail soup - and relaxing.

We watched the SkiJumping from Zakopane (Poland) Won by a Norwegian and the final in the
European championship in Handball. Denmark won over Kroatia. France came as number 3 before Germany. Sweden ended as #5 and Norway 6. Earlier in the tournament Norway did beat Denmark with one goal and had a draw towards Croatia.
Have a great week. You know there will be surprises around, so stay tuned

(PS. I'll pick up Ingelin at OSL on TORsday - she will stay here for 4 days before she starts her new assignment in Hong Kong)
The Sun is visiting us up here North 1hr 40 minutes longer compared to Winter Soltice. That's great.

so far this weekend.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

TORsday 13 - Jan 24 - 2008

My 13 this Thursday is from The Iguazu Falls on the Frontier between Argentina and Brazil. All pictures taken first week of December 2007. I will come back to more details about the trip and the surroundings and sad facts about the Rainforest. You my look at this as a teaser. OK?

1 - Walking in the Rainforest, you can hear a noise. And suddenly ----

2 - Wow - what is this?

3 - Closer and closer

4 - Very close - you can even come here in a wheel chair.
5 - Here the River starts falling down into the Cataratas de Iguazu - Foz do Iguazo

6 - Water everywhere - it's incredible large
7 - Waterclouds
8 - Rainbow
9 - Impressive

10 - Close and wet - haha - very refreshing
11 - These birds lives only in the Iguazu Falls. Their body temperature force them to stay inside the falls - but they need food and fly out to catch insects. But they can not stay outside for many minutes. Enlarge to watch.

12 - Can we come closer?

13 - Yes, on the Iguazu River in Boat (that's another story)
..... More to come (about the sightseeing options and the Riverboat tour)
PS. This was originally meant to be posted under "Cyber Cruises" - but that meme has moved to Word Press. I'm not there yet. How to find out more about it, go to Mrs Lifecruiser

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Diane: Happy Birthday - Jan 23

Here she is, serving the best of Cheezes

Here she is in our Canoe. Close to their "Leisure Home" in Mariestad
From left to right: Anna, Renny, Diane, Kyle and Justin.

I'm impressed how we could coordinate this Task. Not only the Canoe, but also the rest of our unforgettable days last Summer with all of you

Diane is the ultimate woman from upstate New York. My friend Renny met her via Internet.

How Renny met Diane? Click, easy like that . That's a "modern" love story. Believe me
we miss you Diane.
Hope to see you soon again
PS. You know Ingelin have a 4 day window here in Oslo, before she is going to H K, for allmost a year withouth the chance to visit her parents.
Happy Birthday to you
Anna and Tor

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Monday, January 21, 2008

A Weekend in Fredrikstad


From the Cathedral Park. Green Grass in January. Where is the Polar Bears? Not here.
Anna's best woman lives in the Town of Fredrikstad with her husband. It's about one hours drive from were we live in Oslo South. While there, we also grab the opportunity to visit Sweden, to buy some goods that's cheaper than in Norway (Some Food and Wine a.o.).

Compared to the total area of Fredrikstad Community, in the Town Center everything is within walking distance. Total population was by Jan 1, 2007: 71 267. Facts.
Glass painting over an entrence door in Fredrikstad, describing the nature around. And dreams.
Besides the Archipelago south west of the town, Hvaler - as Summer Paradise for everybody that loves the sea and boating life - the Old Town is the main tourist attraction - it's fully fortified and claimed to be the best preserved as such in the Nordics. And functions today like a small, ordinary town, very vivid as well with all facilities needed. The car traffic is almost non existing, so it's also a safe place for kids. The Military left the Town several years ago. But of course you can see they have been here. The Fort did have 200 Canons/Guns.


It all began in 1567 when the king of Denmark-Norway decreed that the town of Sarpsborg, burned to the ground by that times arch enemy, Sweden, should be rebuilt. The king listened to a popular appeal to have the town rebuild at a place easier to defend and with better living conditions than upstreams Norways longest River, Glomma.
The east bank of the Glomma estuary was considered the obvious choice, and for the first time in Norway a king let a town take a Kings name; and Fredrikstad would prove itself a town worth it. But the King did never visit the Town. Lack of Comfort? I've never had the chance to ask him.
When in downtown Fredrikstad, the easiest way to visit the Old Town is by the Ferry that crosses the River. It takes a minute or so.

Else you have to go by Car, and that's a long detour over the River Bridge.

I strolled down fra our Friends and did pass several old, interesting houses on my way to the Ferry. Here is a Wooden Church.

Backery - hm, I did not enter. But I could smell it from a good distance. How could I resist? Strong will or lack of Money? .... or Time? Haha - my secret.

Here is the Ferry. Red and white - like the Famous Soccer Team in Town

Entrence to the Old Town from the Ferry

Some history facts:
Military aesthetics
The defensive walls were built to a Dutch design, unsurprisingly, and were a so effective deterrent that the town was never invaded. Coucheron must share the honour for the Fortress Town´s distinctive geometric construction with another foreign officer, Johan Casper de Cicignon, an aristrocrat from Luxembourg.

In Old Town

Vinmonopolet - The State controlled Wine and Liquer Chain of Shops - it's self service, so don't worry about language - they do have the most from all over the world - and splendid service.

From the Square. The King Fredrik himself. It's a Flee Market here, except during the Winter.

Back towards the Riverside. This Saturday Morning it was very few visitors, and the Locals? Asleep? I did not check it out. Next time perhaps I'll ring the Bells.

More interesting houses closer to downtown. This one is now owned by the Local Government and very well preserved. Look at the different architect styles (Click to enlarge). That was common among the very Rich in Norway to import different styles to impress - to show they "knew" the World.

Public Restroom - You might need it after this cyber walk - LOL.

..... or a short visit to a Riverside Cafe. It's January, but Vikings love the outdoor life. Here my friend, a retired Teacher, after a refreshment, needed after Saturdays shopping. Don't forget, it's a weekend trip - a journey so to speak.

When back, no sign of the ladies. They were out walking in the Mid January Sunshine.

Who was there but their very good, since very long, friend Per Ulrik Fritzner. Here he is with one of his paintings behind him. Yeah, he is a great Artist. Anna came back and acted like a Camera hog. What a shame her age. *giggles*
Wish you all a wonderful week

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Planning a far away Vacation - Silver Wedding to Argentina from Norway


This cyber trip is only a fraction of the time to go there compared to do it in real life. From Norway - door to door it's about 22 hours to Buenos Aires. But you can be there and even learn someting in 2 minutes, about planning such a long trip. That is what this post is about besides a tribute to a small, servicemined travel agency.

It's easy these days to plan a long distance Vacation.
(Not like my daughter who actually is moving from Miami Beach to Hong Kong. In a very short time she have to "clean up" all her "things" in Miami, bring back to Norway what she would like to be stored here, sort out what to bring to Hong Kong, and open a new business, all alone, find accomodation etc.)
Well back to Vacation planning. I did start planning in the beginning of June, when we had our Internet connection established from our Summerhouse. Silverwedding - Silver - Argent = Argentina -- see the point?
Flight Tickets Oslo - Buenos Aires and return is easy. That's done in some 30 minutes to find your right price, comfort and Flight Schedule (my regular readers might remember some surprises there - but after all Lufthansa fixed our time schudele challenges very well - Computer programming "Summertime differences in Europe/USA/South America that in 2007 were not adjusted due to the fact US changed their dates summer/wintertime dates without negociations with the rest of the world -. that's a fact - and thus a problem for it-programmers).

First Hotel: Also easy to find on Internet. I did search for Buenos Aires - hotels - central

Ended up with Grand Hotel de la Paix. Very central and the Suites are, when travelling at own expence, a great choice. Standard rooms might be, for some they might feels small. (In B A - sleep?) But you have a fridge, Restroom, TV, Phone and Internet connection. Breakfast is included (even with local "Champagne" - Chandon owned by Möet y Chandon)

What we have learned from earlier travels, when you need advice to travel inside the Country of your destination: Ask the locals. They know best and do it cheaper than from abroad.
This is Downtown Buenos Aires - with two Viking women
Then again, Internet is the of course your Tool. We Searched for to Destinations in Argentina.

First priority was The Iguazu Falls. I did search for: Iguazu - roundtrip.
Then we could also make a short visit into Paraguay. (that would be some Photos later - with a limited use of words. I'll tell how you can arrange it with no paper work). Besides it would be Ingelin's Country # 64 to visit,

Next was: Buenos Aires - Uruguay - Daytrip - Here two Women captured in a Bus with an english spoken Guide. Colonia, Uruguay.
Then several options were talked about

We happend to find best prices and quickest answers from Argentina Inside:

It was a processes, so to speak, as I would have our Silver Wedding Honeymoon perfect. No misundertanding allowed. See the point, I speak Norwegian, the travel agency Spanish, so we communicated in English.

Lot's of emails. We agreed. But before ther last agreement, you know what happened? I got a call from Ramiro in Buenos Aires, to confirm exactly what were agreed upon.

And also an offer, to deliver our Tickets and sightseeing and meal Vouchers at the hotel we have choosed the evening we arrived in Buenos Aires.

I wrote back (e-mail): That would be a pleasure. I give you a dinner for your fantastic service.

This is what Ramiro gave us. A Passport to Buenos Aires. And with his storytelling about the metropol and what you can choose among. yeah, this is truely a fantastic Passport - Open it, and you have the whole B A before your hands, so to speak.

Ramiro came to our hotel at the time we had agreed upon. Explained in detail all tickets and vouchers and what to do and look for.

Inside. all tickets and Vouchers for Lunch and Sightseeing in Colinia - explained in detail. Even the passport and check in and out procedures.

Here he is, Ramiro when we met him at the Hotel's Breakfast room

Then we talked about what to to after returning from Iguazu. We talked about it for a while, he noted our wishes, went out for dinner - his advice (we can recommend it as well - but here you need cash (not much)) and that we would meet in his Office to have our Flight Tickets to Salta, Hotel and Rent a Car.

Papa and Ramiro talking and discussion about what to do in Buenos Aires and Argentina a late Sunday evening.

Ramiro did recommend this restaurant - it was just around the corner - He did a good choice .

We both had Fish. The only important person we missed was Ingelin, As her Flight from Miami was cancelled. And we had to wait until 4 am. That's another story.

Here Ramiro and me are talking about alternatives for our last week (only Anna and me)

Anna and Ingelin - waiting so nicely - in the office

This is what I call Service. Like we once had in Europe. And to be straight forward: I do not have any relationship nor business agreements with the person nor the company his working for. And there will be no "Google-money" for me to earn on this post. I'm a true Cybercruiser, that only have one thought in mind: Enjoy and learn for free - sharing.

More to come...

Cybercruisers do discover. Do you? Click for a free ride And obtain the best advices you can find on the net. And also to find the best of cybercruisers. The A-team members.
Have a nIce journey
PS. This post is Written without my regular glasses. Pls excuse. Both text and the layout - photos and text, I mean (Besides it should have been posted days ago - reason here) My eyes are one hand away from the screen - hahaha.

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