Saturday, January 31, 2009

Furry - Photo Hunt

Furry - Furry What?

I'm a short furry Cat. a Manx. OK, I have a double Fur.
More Furry here

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ruben's Birthday

January 29 - 1968 - Ruben's Birthday
How it was back in 1968.
Photos at the end of the post.
I will never forget, we struggeled to get a Taxi to the Hospital. In the early morning on January 29 in 1968
Solvi was 2 weeks after "the scheduled time" for Birth.
Her first.
We had no phone at home. Due to that times socialist "planning economy".
So I had to walk for 5 minutes to find a Phone Kiosk.
And said: My Wife - The water has gone.
- - Call a Taxi, was the simple answer.

We got a Taxi and arrived the Womens Clinic early in the Morning.
Very well wellcomed. Indeed.

I was told to sit down in the "Waiting Room" while Solvi was brought into the, at that time: "Forbidden Zone for Papas". January 1968

10 minutes later I was given a package, Gray paper: Solvi's Clothes.
- - And with the following message: You h
ave to leave now, but you can Call us
- - What, am I to call you? We do not have a Phone

- - Sorry, this is the Rules
Papa had to leave. My feelings - gosh - what do you think: Empty. Totally empty.

I did call. Several Times. No result. Nothing new.

At last, after several hours.
You have a Son.
- - When can I come and see him?

- - In 5 hours
- - 5 hours, why not at once?
- - That's the Rules.

What could I say? Hospitals in Norway are state owned.
I did see my first Son, Ruben, through a Window.

Touch him, 3 Days later.

My first Son.
Born January 29, 1968.

Here is some photos from h
is life. We had so much fun together. Allways.
He is missed by all of us.
(Photos from the memorial - on Facebook)

It's up to you to read the text above and spend some seconds to look at the Pictures.
You will learn me to know by doing

Here yo
u see the Lucky Family in the beginning of the 1970'ies. Reading books for Ruben and Niklas in the Evenings was a Daily part of our life. Here you see from left Papa, Niklas, Solvi and Ruben.

Can it be true? A Sister? Here with Grandmothers to the left, brother Niklas, Ingelin on Rubens knees and Grandfather (My Father)

Playing Brothers - Here in Austria 1975

Here you see all my 4 kids - back in the mid 1980'ies (Niklas, Ingelin, Ruben, Mats)

Ruben as young teenager

Ruben, Mats, Ingelin, Papa
Ruben, Mats, Ingelin and Papa - 1994 in Puerto Montt. Chile. Ruben was the only one of us that could speak Spanish. Mat's - well he could also something.

Ruben and Son (Filip) - Bygdøy

Writing in Rubens Momorial Protocol - 1 hr and 33 minutes.

The last Farwell with Flowers

And here you see some of Rubens best friends. Photo taken January 29 - 2009.
We talked a lot. With the combination of loss and what Ruben had given them. Memorable.

Postscript. Ruben's friend did tell us he loved his Papa and Anna.
We are grateful for all the moments we had together.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rosa and Felicia - Winter in Norway

Hurray for the Cats
Rosa and Felicia during the Winter here in Norway, stays inside. Unlike the native Cats her at 60 - 70 degrees North.

Here you see them:

Allmost like Bears.
But that's only half of what they do during 24/7. During the Winter.
They are really active, inside. Have you ever seen them running and playing, you'll understand. They are very fast.
Gosh they are really active. Extremely. Even put us in Bed.
Until we sleep.
Mieooow, it's Winter but it's wonderful

More Cats.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Reflections

Sunday is normally a day to relaxe. This Sunday has been different.
Looking out the Window.
Snow. Oslo. Norway. The photo here is as is. Simply the Light that was. Obscure. Afternoon. Very special colors. I have never seen something alike.

It was time to reflect and act as truely friends can only do.
The persons involved do what papa means. He has had his lesson.

But so much unexpected have happended last week.
Regarding close friends. I will - may be reveal some more during the week to come.
We will also have a memorial on jan 29. My Son Rubens Birthday. I still can not believe he is dead. I accept the fact. But, but -papa is still crying and talking to him. It's so unreal.

Have a great week

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Diane CA has Birthday - Friday January 23

It's all about true friendship.
Like my friend Hakon wrote, until now his only blogpost: What is a friend?
I did nor realize until a year ago

This post is dedicated Diane.

First time Anna and papa first time met Diane together was rather special.
We were invited to visit RenneyBA and Diane's wonderful leisurehome in Mariestad. Some 6 hours driving into Sweden from Oslo, Norway.
Papa had met Diane before. During professional arrangements where Renny was one of my Speakers. But Anna and Diane had never met before.
We picked up Renny and Diane at at local Train station. Better to use one Car than 2. See the point?
Diane and Anna start talking at once and so they continued the whole 6 hrs trip and the rest of the weekend.

See, they shopped together.
OK, they both slept a bit during the return to Oslo.

We learned to know a very special, wise and giving person that weekend some years ago.

This Friday is her Birthday.
The photos that follows are just a few from our quality time together.

Here Mr Lifecruiser, RennyBA, Anna, Tor, Diane and Mrs Lifecruiser

We have had lot's of fun together, even challenged our Skills. Anna seems to be concentrated.

What can be more heavenly than be served Premium Cheeze by ladies like this?

I think you have some ideas about "our good life". Just relaxing and eating and playing and ziping Wine.
The next morning:

Rent a Bike. Diane and Renny are here.

OK, after crossing the Island by Bike, it was Lunch Time.
OMG. Papa is there as well. Z that pale in front;))?

Do not forget to salute Diane here Even though she is now about to reach a new Milestone.
Her next BD.

PS.More Photos to be posted when my PC is back to normal

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamas's Inauguration as seen from Norway

The American Dream realized

Obama's Inauguration as seen from a Norwegian blogger.

Most Norwegian and European journalists have for decades beeing very negative to Republican US Presidents, no matter their efforts.

But this time, after 8 years with a certain person from Texas as President, even I have been looking forward to change in domestic US Politics and a more pragmatic view of the World outside.

At last a United
United States of America.
The most multiracial, religious and cultural Nation on Planet Earth.
The "Promised Land" that all of my grandmas brothers emigrated to, from a very poor Norway in the very late 1890's
I hope the promised changed will ben
efit all people in USA and around the Globe.
Peace and Respect, with tolerance and pragmatic solutions.

Here in Norway's Oslo Area, this afternoon rush hours was pleasant. I left work some minutes before 4 pm. The worst rush hour. Normally.
To visit my mother (89). Rush hour? Why on a Tuesday, so few Cars on the Highways?
Hmm, believe it or not. People went home early to watch this historical moment on TV - Live.

We sat together , my Mother and I, we watched the historical Moment. On TV. We have more Family in US than in Norway. And I have my youngest Son living across the Southern part of Lake Michigan, just across from Chicago. With other words, What happens in US does have an impact of me as well.

My Mother was very touched when we watched TV.

After visiting my Mother, I drove downtown, to hand over some Opera Tickets to some Friends (New Years Eve).
Our Friends came out with Tears in their Eyes. Not for the Tickets.
But the incredible Fact:
Barrack Obama's inauguration as President of USA.
They have worked in Waskington DC for may Years. He as a Norwegian Diplomate.

When arriving home, just to prove we did follow.

I hope for a better, more pragmatic and respectful world and a lot's better and safer daily life for the American's in general. And that greed should be punished.

I say: Support the new Administration, but do not think the change will come with your next salary or bill.
It will take time to get rid of a rotten heritage. More time than you might think.
Now it's time to have a long and prosperous perspective.

Have a great Future

PS. Internett had without doubt a really high Trafic today. The response time for posting has been very loooong.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Papa about Flowers, Candlelight and Snow in Oslo

Papa lit a candle and had a relaxed weekend in Oslo

You my dear readers do know, we have long Nights during the end of Fall and beginning of Winter here in Oslo, Norway.
Since Winter Soltice, our Days have increased more than 1 hr. In less than a Month.

Anna, the Cats and papa had a very relaxing weekend.

The Amaryllis, expected to be in full flower during Christmas have also relaxed for some weeks, but this week end, it opend up in full beauty.
To our fully expectations and Joy.

Then, it started snowing. Not that much in the beginning.

I put out and lit a 72 hrs Candle Saturday afternoon. Here you see it on Sunday Morning. On our Winter Balconny.

Her you will have an impression how much Snow was falling down and created a beautiful white and soft carpet on our Balconny -Also the Candle Sunday afternoon - After nearly 40 hours burning.
Romantic, papa thinks.
I did pay NOK 23 for this Candle (about EUR 2,25 or USD 3.25)

Here you can see there is more snow and less candle. More than a Croc's seize. LOL. On Monday evening.

Have a great week.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

PhotoHunt: Hat(s) - Jan 17 - 2009 - Bocca - Argentina

Bocca Argentina Photohunter Hats

From a Wall Painting i Bocca District of Buenos Aires. Photo taken in December 2007.

And this is also from Argentina, in great contrast: The Locals at the Market in Humanuaca.

More Hats

PS. Have you ever had problems with "Spam Protection"? Look at this. WordPress

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday Fun Challenge

Take the Challenge

Here you see 3 satelite TV Dishes, 2 chimneys, 4 Windows, 3 chained houses, 1 green Bush and 2 paying-meters.
Which TV-Channel will you choose?
And who is painted on the Chimney to the Right?
And where were you when this photo was taken?

Photo taken North West of Humahuaca in NW Argentina (It's listed on UNESCO's World Heritage Site). If you think Che Guevara is painted on one of the Chimneys, you might be right.
Somebody told us these appartments were buildt for the indignious with help from several organisations. I don't know. Do you?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Jan 14 - 2009

This week I present a photo of the Wordless side of some of the X-Mas Greetings Cards we did receive. Maybe the one from you is here? Or will it be next X-Mas?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A very special Dinner - dedicated Captain Lifecruiser

What a great evening with Friends
You know, not everything from a Dinner may be posted.
But I tell you:

We started with fresh Strawberries and a Riesling from Alsace and Sparkling Water, in our Kitchen. As you see, our selected guests left some berries to Anna and me;)) That's what's friends are for. Right?

Then we went to the Living Room.

Roar (That's a masculin name not a sound from a wild preditator)
my old pal from School back in the early 60'ies, is a master in opening Champagne.
Justh look at his unique way of opening a Dom Perignon. Not at single drop spilled.
And opened soundless. Only Masters can do that.

Ready for the course?
Ok, here we go:
First of all you need to have a "Dom" in your home.
Secondly, you need an expert to open the bottle correctly.
As you allready know, we had both the expert , the Dom and a Towel

Mission completed

Below is the Table with the Dom:

As a starter with the Champagne, which in fact was a gift from Mrs and Mr Lifecruiser to Anna's 3x20 Event in September last year, we served Gravlax with a mustard sauce, special made for this fish, and home baked bread with real Butter.

Main Dish was Venison. The very best. Carree de Venison.

And Anna knows how to serve it perfectly.

With Green Beans from our Summer Garden and "Hasselback"- potatoes ( a wondeful Swedish creation you must try), Game Sauce and fresh mashed Partridgeberries (tyttebær).

From here on, papa had to admit: I joined the meal and the conversation, and forgot you my dear blogger friend. I did not take any more Photos. But I'll reveal the rest of our meal - in words.

Then we had Cheeze. One French Camembert (10 hours in Room temperature) and one Blue, a Norwegian Selbu, that is top World Class. Only available locally and a few other stores.

Dessert? As usual Rasberries from our Summer Garden and genuine Vanilla Ice Cream. And Eclairs.

We ended up with Espresso and very "dark" chocolade. Even a taste of Calvados.

when our distinguished Guest had left:
This is how the Table looked like:

But, but what about the Cats?

Did they have a great time as well - served fav dishes

Miieow - Felicia in one of the Kitchen Windows

Mieaaw - Rosa in the Bedroom Window
And here the Day after:

Anna Sunday Morning.

But, where is papa?
Behind the Camera. Where else?

What we talked about for about 7 houres?
You will only know, if seated for a Dinner with us. Is that too much to demand?

PS. I'll send you a very special postcard if you can describe my clothings in this written moment;))

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Bloger accounts and Picasa Web Album - an advice

My regular readers might recall I have complained about the Fact I can not upload images to my blog due to what Google, who now owns Blogger, allege: You have reached your limit of free storage for images.

I could not understand how I possible could reach the 1 GB limit.

This evening I checked it out by controlling what was stored in my Picasa Web Album (which I've never asked for - but has now been an obligated part of your Blogger account).

Guess what:
Most of my photos, used only once in my blog were duplicated and triplicated. In average more than 4 times. One was stored 11 times! In different ways and shapes.
I've now spent several hours to delete the "extra" copies. I've only checked about one third of my unwanted Picasa Web Album. It will take up to 24 hours until the result of my deletion will be realized. How fun?

If you do not believe me, I'll send you a print screen upone request.

I ask my self:
Is this just a programming failure, or is it a way to cheat "dummy" bloggers to pay more than they actual should?

So, if you have a Blogger account - check your Picasa Web Album and what is stored there.

Have a great weekend

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

TorsDay 13

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - 2009-01-07

Christmas Report - 2
My Grandson in action with Christmas Gifts. No comments needed.
Click to enlarge and enjoy a very engaged young boy.
(All pho
tos taken without Flash in order not to disturb him)

More WW here

PS. Importante - More about Norwegian X-Mas Traditions here
Then you'll visit a Europe top 10 blogger (Do you do that every day?)

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