Friday, December 31, 2010

Wellcome 2011 – Happy New Year

Dear blogger friends,we want to thank you for all what you have given us in the year of 2010. 
Wellcome 2011
Photo taken by our host in Lago Vista, TX, in December, when we arrived at Austin Airport.

 See his great photos here.

Hope to see you live in 2011 – at least in the blogosphere

Tor and Anna

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

X-Mas Dinner 2010

Hello, I'm Metin Leander - who are you 
Hello to you all from Metin Leander. I’m here with my Family in Norway. We will have X-Mas Dinner together for the second year in a  row. Last year I was only 2 months, so I do not remember…
Ingelin and Leander in Kitchen
I’ve had a Cold for more than 4 weeks. Now I’m very Hungry.
Leander and Kitten
I think I will remember this sweet little Kitten. A gift for me?
 X-Mas Table view
Here you see the X-Mas table. I did taste all the different food. Very good.  And nice for a hungry boy like me;-)
My mother at Table 
Even my Grand Grand Mother was hungry. She is more than 90 years older then me. But we are both born in October, as most of my family. Uncle Niklas was very sweet to me, as allways.
Seb wanted this scene - well 
Here you see Anna and my playful cousin, Sebastian. I think they both likes me very much. I like them.
Grand Grandma Coffee 
Here is my Grand Grand Mother. She is 91 years old. She likes me and I like her. She needs a Wheel Walker. I could also from time to time need one.
My Mother need some extra for her open Soars
She has some open soars, so she got some large, new footwears. Is she a Polar Bear mum?  
Ingelin und Kaya 
Here is mum and dad. They are very proud of me, and I with them.
Rasberries - from Summer Garden  
I love the Rasberries from Grandpa and Anna’s Summer Garden
Santa has arrived
Then came this person in Red and White. I learbed his name is “Julenissen”. A pity cousin Sebastian was in the rest room ‘cause he was so very nice and brought gifts to everyone. I like him.  It’s said he is orginally from Turkey. You know I have family there too…. 
An Ocean of Presants
All of a sudden “Julenissen” had to go, just before Sebastian returned from the rest room. Well, he left an ocean of gifts so the two of us forgot him – he might come back next year?Sebastian with Helicoptre 
Cousin Sebastian was very pleased with his new Helicopter. It did crash a lot, but it still can fly… He saved my head as well.
Metin Leander like our X-Mas Tree
I also liked the green tree with all the different, colourful decorations and lights.  I think they called it  “Juletre”. Strange it is, I’ve never seen such trees in the forests?Metin Leander and Sebastian playing in bed
Every good and unforgetable moments comes to an end. I played with cousin Sebastian for a while, before we left – and Grandpa’s bed.
Oslo - Close to Sunset - Dec 24 - 2010
By the way, it was a very beautiful Day in Oslo. But a bit to cold for me to play outside. See you next X-Mas?

PS. Grandpa took all the Photos. I just helped him pick them out and told him what to write. We are a good team. And I agree with grandpa: Do not use flash if you can avoid it.


X-Mas 2010 – some brief words and Photos

It’s a tradition here in Norwway to lit candles on the Graveyard of your lost beloved ones.
Graveyard - Seb and Niklas preparing 1 
This Friday, December 24-2010, I went with my son Niklas and his son Sebastian to lit the light on the grave – my son Ruben, his grandpa, my father and his parents.
Graveyard - Stone - 2010 
Sebastian, 9 1/2 year old calculated my grandparents ages, and how old my grandmother was when my father was born.
At the Graveyard - Seb and Niklas in Grief 
His questions about their ages and what they did  for a living (my grandparents), helped both my Son and me regarding the loss of Ruben.
At the Graceyard - Seb and Niklas leaving 
Kids are clever. Here Sebastian (my grandson) and Niklas (my son) is leaving the Graveyard.
We are family. Sebastian miss his Uncle. Ruben.
But he know: We are Famliy.

More to come…..

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas – felice Navidad – God jul – Bon Nöel

Here in Norway, Dec 23 is “The day before the Day”, as we by tradition has our Family get to gether Dinner and sharing of presents in the Evening of December 24 – X-Mas Eve.
And Dec 23 is the evening the X-mas tree is decorated and put inside our Living Rooms etc etc. The Day before the Day - hectic, but a tradtion..

2010-12-23 Tree with Star in Roof
Our X-Mas Tree this year. See the Star? It's genuine;D
2010-12-23 X-Mas Tree - details
Details – X-Mas Tree
2010-12-23 The Nisse is present 
Yes, the original small folks are here: Nisse - click to read the history.2010-12-23 - The Kitten 5 weeks old
And the Kitten of course (5 weeks young)
2010-12-23 The Kitten in Chair
The Kitten in the Kitchen Chair. She needs space. LOL.
2010-12-23 Lilly -the Kitten 
And at top of the Chaisselongue
2010-12-23 Wrappimg paper etc
More to Wrap in…
2010-12-23 - Just wrapped in 
Some Gifts are even wrapped in…

We wish you all a Great and Peaceful Season.

More to come….

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Shortest Day of 2010 – Dec 22 – Oslo, Norway

2010 -12-22 Around 11 AM-shortest Day of 2010 from Office 
Photo taken with my iPhone from my Office, Dec 22- 2010 around 11:30 AM.
See the Frost Mist over the Open Water Oslo Fiord?

2010 -12-22 -Around 11 AM -shortest Day of 2010 from Office -Frost Mist over the OsloFiord -Cap 2 
Max Air Temperature:  -14C  ( 7F) 
- Within Oslo: 
Minimum Max in  the Hill Area: –24C  (-11F).
WebCam Oslo Harbour.
Oslo, Norway:
59, 57 N
December, 22, 2010:
Sunrise: 09:18 AM
Sunset: 3:13 PM
Since Summersolicite: 12 Hrs 57 minutes shorter Daylight time.

Think positive:  Why not enjoy Oslo around June 21-22?

More to come….

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Papa received a new Lense and went for a Walk

Lago Vista dec 9 2010 - realxing in Sun 
We did enjoy the Sun in the Back Yard and relaxed waiting for UPS to deliver Papas new 55-200 mm Nikon Lense. Thanks to Stephen.
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - New lense had to checked out
When the package arrived, Steve had to check the quality.Lago Vista Dec 9 - 2010 Texas Hill country 
What then after receiving my new Lense? We headed on at the Texas Hill Country Roads. Take Care during heavy Rain in the bottom of the Hills. No joke, I assure you;)
Lago Vista dec 9 2010 - Copperstill Kennel 
We went to pick up the Dogs at the Kennel -  Copperstill Kennel.
A Jeep or van is recommended on the tiny road…
Lago Vista dec 9 2010 - Buddy in Kennel 
Here you see young Buddy. He was simply exited too meet us again. Good boy.
Lago Vista dec 9 2010 - at the Kennel 1
Here you see the Kennel owner, who as well will train Buddy for several weeks in January.
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - colorful rattle snake 
Papa has heard rumours: Take care, it’s rattle snakes in Texas.
Lago Vista - dec 9 2010 - Working on the new house roof
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - Lake Travis Dam
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - a lion
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 Cliffs at Lake Travis
Lago Vistas - dec 9  2010 - Deers in flock Lago Vista dec 9 2010 - Birds house
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - Roadrunner or a boat Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 I met only one person
Then papa went for a walk all by himself in Lago Vista. Needed to be familiar with his new Lense. 90 minutes. Here are some Photos, click and study if you have time to enjoy…
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - houses 
Here som houses in Lago Vista .
  Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - south view Lake Travis
Lake Travis, view to the South
Lago Vista dec 9 2010 - Lake Travis shore 
Just a cove at Lake Travis
Lago Vista dec 9 2010 Road signs 
Typical road names in Lago Vista.
Below, more from Papas walk: Click to enjoy.
Lago Vista - dec 9 2010 - Deers overall 1  Lago Vista 9 Dec 2010 - House
Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 - cactus Lago Vista Dec 9 2010 Gun and Turtel
Some  more Photos from Papas walk alone 
Lago Vista Dec 9 -2010 Corvette 
Hmm, what is this but a Corvette.. Nice vrroooomLago Vista Dec 9 2010 - Viking the Fence Company
Can’t be a place on Earth without Vikings. LOL.
Even Fences they did make..

Well , a  wonderful and relaxing day has to come to an end:
Sunset Lago Vista and Airplane
The Sky reminded papa of travel. You see why?

More to come…

PS. Ordered the Lense from Adorama

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