Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 31 - 2007


Felicia just went into our not so vey clean Office, and said:

- miesleeph? Sleep?
- miejet! Nope - I said
- mjeoh! Yop
- mjoon! Soon - I said

She went away, her tailess tail scratched the ceiling.

I understand her. Long, tall twofoot, goes too late to bed. Allmost every night. Too short time to have real coz. She loves to put me to bed. And roll around upon me. Then creep up under my armes and into my armpit. Sniffing, licking, biting and mrrrr that loud she wake up the neighbours noisy dog. But not Anna. She fells even deeper to sleep by her prrr, mrrr, prrr.Why does that female cat allways stick her head into my armpit? What smell do I have at nights that attract her so strongly? Anna is undisturbed asleep. But that Cat. What's wrong with me. Am I a cat in disguise? Like the frog that became a prince?

Oh yeah, when thinking about it: when coming home home from work, she jumps upon the kitchen table and strech her neck and head towards me. She pretends to just smell if it is really me. Sort of security check.

But I've seen it, when reflecting deeply, she try to KISS me. She want me to be a CAT.

After this discovery I allways sleep with my mouth plastered. I'm used to it now. But I will never get used to wake up with a sore armpit.

PS. This is posted on my new PC, which 3 hours after start-up lacks lots of programs and pictures, even drivers to our cameraes. That's why this post is short and with an old picture. Have mercy.


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New machine this evening

I received my new ThinkPad Z61m this evening. Will spend some time to download lots of Software and Photos. Hope you will be patient. In the meantime I'll post from my T41.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Mystery

The Statue Code in Fortaleza
Once again I got a question related to one of my photos on Fotothing. And once again I needed to refresh my memories and search for the answer. This time I got the answer in less than 1 hour. From Visit Fortaleza in Brazil. As I say: The world is flat, in the sense of never sleeping. And by finding answers to questions from blogger friends, I do learn a lot. And I'll share it with you, my dear reader.

Here goes the story:

I received this comment and question to the photo above:
From: jceca PRO
wonderful looking sculpture ... but .. what is she exactly doing ???

Well, there was something there, in my brain, but blocked (have you also felt that kind of blockage?).
Searched the web. Not there, nothing here, Fortaleza, art, guide, sculpture.... Without result.
Well, to whom can I write asking the question. Some tourist organisation? Yes. Search again.
Find a clue and wrote this e-mail:

Dato: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 22:37:42 +0100 (CET)
Fra:"Tor aabo" Se kontaktinformasjon  Se kontaktinformasjon
Emne: Questions about a beachfront statue
some years ago my wife and I had the luck to visit
your beautiful city.

As most tourists do, we also took some pictures, of
which I have posted some on my Photoblog.

One of the pictures shows a modern sculpture - a woman
with a "bow".
You can see it here:

Soon after this picture was posted, I got a question
related to the sculpture:
What does it symbolize and who's the artist and where
to find it in Fortaleza?

This I took as a pleasant challenge, but
my searches on Internet have so far been without
That's why I'm adressing Visit Fortaleza and kindly
ask if you can help me.

I've done similar researches before and afterwards
posted an article in my blog.
Like this one after a question about an inscription on
an altar embroidery in a Norwegian 1150 century

Best regards and thanks in advance

Tor Aabo
Now then, look at the Timestamp on the answer, and you know what I mean by "Flat world".
How long did it take until I received the Answer? Look further down.

Dato: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 19:56:37 -0200
Fra:"jose issamu yamada" Legg til i adressebokLegg til i adressebok
Yahoo! DomainKeys har bekreftet at denne meldingen ble sendt av gmail.com. Lær mer
Til:"Tor aabo"
Emne: Re: Questions about a beachfront statue

This is one of the several statues of Iracema in Fortaleza.
I put some info about Iracema here:

If you need more info, let me know (if you could place a link to the
page, I would appreciate it).

Correct answer to my question: It took 19 minutes.
I refere the first part from the link above:
The name Iracema refers to an Indian female of the same name, who became part of the History of Ceará.
new Statue of Iracema

The New Statue
of Iracema

History books say that a Portuguese called Martim Soares Moreno was one of the greatest heroes of the war against the Dutch invasors, in the first half of the 17th century; Martim Moreno chose to live in Ceará, among the Indians.
In the 19th century, José de Alencar, one of the greatest Brazilian writers, wrote a book called Iracema; in the book, Iracema was the wife of Martim Moreno.
Iracema provided the strenght that Moreno needed to fight. The name Iracema doesn't appear in the History books, but Alencar said that his novel was inspired by tales he heard since childhood.
Iracema is so entrenched in Fortaleza History that there are five statues of her in the city. The oldest one was dates back to 1965, when the novel Iracema was turning the 100th anniversary, and is located in the beach of Mucuripe.

I am overwhelmed by this quick and precise answers. That's what I'm calling Quality Service.
If you want to read more about the history of the region and Fortaleza, click here.

Here are some pictures from our visit to Fortaleza and surroundings some years ago, around Christmas and New Year (What a fantastic arrangement at the Beach on New Year's Eve - Es do Brasil- I did not bring the camera).

The picture to the right, courtesy of www.visitfortaleza
Alle pictures to the right and from Cucumbo, taken by Tor and Anna.
Right from top:
1) Anna in our roof-top pool - very pleasant 'cause of the slow breeze.
2) View from entrence to the appartement - Praia Meireles and Atlantic Ocean in the background
3) View from Balcony to the Meireles Beach .December 26 - 2002
Meireles is the stretch of beach which surrounds the Feirinha de Artesanato (Handicraft Fair). The area is packed with hotels, restaurants, small shopping centers and other tourism oriented businesses.
Meireles has also a large concentration of barracas (rustic restaurants) by the beach; these restaurants serve good food and drink.

4) Anna at Ponte dos Ingleses (Bridge of the
Englishmen) - Praia Iracema
5) Christmas tree made entirely by plastic bottles
For more information, please click on the link given in the answer from VisitFortaleza.
A day-trip to Cucumbo - 30 minutes to the West of Fortaleza
Ask for Tours at your hotel or in tourist kiosks at the Beach (Meireles)

First stop en route to Cucumbo, was this charming Lake. You can rent Jet-boats, windsurfers and have a sightseeing sitting on huge rubber-sausages. Or just take a swim and/or a lunch. Chickens and Ducks are slaughtered just in front of you. Garanteed fresh. (We had Fish).
The Beachbuggies have a stop on this Sandhill from where you can glide on Sandboards down and into the Lake. It is sand, not snow. Beautiful view from up here. And, of course, you can buy different sorts of refreshments, fruits and snacks.

The Beachbuggy Tour in the large, snow-white sandhills in Cucumbo is a must. Here just before going down the steep hills. You can also see the Vikings have been there.
If you want to, or feel it safe i.e. you master riding, you can ride for miles after miles on white sand.
This is a Jangada - typical fish boat, or more correctly a raft with sails, from Ceara. Cucumbo.
After a long day in Cucumbo, it was wonderful just to sit down and zip to a drink


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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mystery in the Church

The Embriodery Code

Earlier this week I posted a Photo of a Cloth with embriodery (at Fotothing). - In fact an Altar Cloth.

Picture text:
Embriodery found in a Norwegian West Coast Church (Giske), build in 1150 by Marbel from Italy. You see the age of the embriodery on the cloth.

Next morning I received the following comment:

From: senna3 Jan 25 2007 08:39 GMT
I like such pictures very much. You managed to get a very clear and sharp result! What does HOSBACDB mean? Click for larger views

Here is my answer:
From: taaboe Jan 25 2007 00:42 GMT
Thank you so much. It was hard to take this picture, as it's not allowed to use flash, and besides it's very gloomy inside the Church (made from Marmor brought from Italy more than 700 hundred years ago- by a private family;D)
Note: I was wrong about the age of the Church

I checked the commenters profile, and found out he is a Dutch retiree. With other words, I figured, a person serious about the question. As I did not have the answer to this ”Giske-code”, I searched the Net (What else ;D). Finnaly I came across an e-mail adress and explained the Issue by mail. Clicked SEND and crossed my fingers. It was a Hotmail-adress, so I was not very optimistic (not me normally) to receive a quick answer.

But how wrong can one be. When back from work: A replay to my e-mail in the Mail-box.

Opened that one first (of more than 35 incoming mails – even before those from my regular readers).
I was quite anxious – Would I find the answer. Read for yourself (translated to English)

It’s been uncertain about this cloth, but in the local historybook ”Borgund and Giske”, I do find a possible version:
The cloth is made by a young girl. Her name was Karen Breier. What you are asking for should according to what I read might be the initials of her parents: HOSB = Hans Olufsen Breier (1623-1704). He was vicar in Aukra and Dean in Romsdal. And his wife, ACDB = Anne Christensdatter Bernhoft (1624 – 1705)
Inger Magelssen Godø

Hurray, the code was cracket. HOSB on the left side was the young Embroidist’s father’s initials and ACDB on the right side, her mother’s. Then I posted a replay to the Dutchman.

Some facts about Giske Church and the Surroundings:

Findings in Graves and other Relics of the past, tells us about Settlements 8000 years ago in this Archipelago of the Norwegian Westh Coast. Fishing and Farming was the foundation for the development of these old settlements.

Fishing is still important.
You can rent a Rorbu here at Alnes

The Church was build around 1150 as a private chapel for the powerful Noble Family Arnunge, and is the only Marbel Church left in Norway. The Marble Blocks were transported on ships all the way from Italy in the 12th Century, and payed by the family. The Arnunge family was second to the King in the Middle Age Norway.
Due to the fact, Marble is not sustainable to the Climate on the Islands, the church’s outer Walls now are covered by Mortar. More pics and text (Norw)

Excellent guidance in English during Summermonths. So if you’re around, have a visit to the Church and to the Lighthouse on the Neighbouring Island plus the ancient fishing harbour close to Alnes Lighthouse. If you would like to swim westbound, next stop is Greenland.

Go to this Norwegian blog for lots of gorgeous pic's from the area. Here is more information in English.

Most people goes back to Aalesund, a Town completely rebuild in Art Nouvau (Jugend) after the Townfire a January Winternight in 1904.You can also visit the North Sea Oceanpark with a.o. a large Aquarium.

Greetings from Anna and Tor + Rosa and Felicia. Have a Joyful Sunday:-)

In the meantime listen to Ruth. It's great Lyrics, song and melody for your soul

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Bad Friday

The Bet

A deaf-and-dump man entered the pharmacy to buy condoms. He tried, the very best he could to explain the pharmacist what he intended to buy.

But the pharmacist did not at all understand. Rather confused he become of all the pantomime movements.

Then the man, opened his flies, pulled out and layed down his "tool" on the desk together with 20 dollars.

The pharmacist then did them same, took a short look and grabbed the 20-dollar bill.

The customer of course went very angry.

But the pharmacist said: If you can’t take a loose, you should not bet.

In order not to offend, there will be no illustrations from the pharmacy to this post

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Anna at Work

On a Sunny SaturdaySome times snow is beautiful when the Sun shines from a bright blue sky and the Snow is angelwhite. But this Saturday, March 4, 2006, we had to change all our plans for the weekend. My cousin (we own the estate together, but we have divided it "privately") called me and asked whether or not I had shuffled the snow off the roofs. If not, you better be doing it now, before the snow became wet; and your roofs are broken.

- Anna, I said, the Sun is shining and it's too much snow attop our cabin-roofs. We must go out and shuffle it off.
- What, to our Summerhouse now. We have so much to do here.....

Respectable discussion followed. Winterclothes on, picked up a alumnium spade and a snowshuffle.
Into the car we went and set off on route for Summerhouse. Passing the 5 tunnels, one 4,5 miles sub-sea, and up the last steep hill (18 degrees). Wintertyres helps, if in doubt.Yes, it was snow on the roofs. I very quickly understood: Snow-shuffle. Forget it. Drive to the nearest ironmonger and by another alumnium spade. I so did. 30 dollars. For a safe roof: OK.See that clever girl up there, she's so strong, you want even imagine.
Back home - bathtube, with mineralsalt. And hot soup. Alle the heavy snow-lifting and shuffling together with a couple of wine (glasses) put us early to bed. Too exhausted but to sleep. LoL.

Next day, also blue sky and sunshine, we were very stiff indeed, and moved like 80 year old's with sticks and bowed backs. Even the local horse felt pity for the oldies, when we took a short walk nearby. So be prepared, for all eventualities. Even a snowfall or more.


January 25 - 2007


Outside my officebuilding - January 23 - 2007 - Early Afternoon

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday - January 23 - 2007

Sunday is p-day.

Many people mix the p-pills for their cats into the food. We have tried that a couple of times.
Result: No food eaten. That’s it. Our Cats knows it. They scratch the floor, and put their taileless Tails right up in the Air. And show their buts to the poissened food.

- Mnjet , miuaful – No, it’s awful.

Every Sunday, at catdinner time, they don’t run for their Pollock. They walk with care; approaching slowly. Sniffing carefully.
- Mieewo – hm what’s it?

Safe to eat: Yes
Then they attack with eager and lust.

After a couple of hours after their Dinner, time for the Pill. We cannot say it loudly. Because they hide the moment ”pill” is even whispered. Felicia's hiding place-->

Either me or Anna walks as silent as only we can do (LoL) into the Kitchen and grab two pills from the box, to the Sound of running Tapwater or the Radio.

Pick up one Cat each, I take Felicia and Anne gets hold of Rosa. Onto our laps. Putting them butt down, head up. Opens their mouths. At least we try, cause they keep it chut. What a struggle. And their ears: Flat backwards. Luckely they don’t use their long nails.

- It’s no danger. It’s only a little pill. You know you need it. It’s for your convience (at least ours – he-he. We plan to let them have kittens during this Fall, and then to be sterilized).
Rosa watching Animal Planet-->
Well into their mouth, we are not finnished. Scratch their troaths. Several times and then let go, i.e. they run away. If glance could kill….
Then we feel safe, you think? Oh no, we don’t know whether the pill was swollowed or not until next Sunday. Guess how many odd places we’ve found pills. They put the pill under their Tongue, and spit it out. Have revealed them of several occasions. Smart creatures.

PS. Took a Color Quiz


Diane 40 - January 23 - 2007
Some colorful Flowers - just like Diane

I met Diane first time in December 2002 on a Seminar Cruise. She was then Spouse. Yes, she was. Because I had RennyBA as Lecturer on the Seminar. From the Dinner.

Second time was in 2004: Renny was again speaker on the 2004 Christmas seminar for IT Managers - on Cruise of course. From the Galla Dinner.
The best wishes for the Day and the Future from Anna and Tor. May we soon meet again.
PS. Thanks for the invitation the your wonderful and exciting Celebration Party


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday January 21 - 2007

Papa goes around himself

You know, it took 37 seconds from typing this heading to it was finnished on the Screen.

37 seconds. Cursor just hanging there. Did not even laugh at me.

Well, my regular readers know I’ve had a hell of a time with my broadband connection lately and firstly. And when Words on top of that starts to tease me, I took my first round. Around my own body.

On Friday, I drove Anna to a women party, 25 miles away from here. From the south eastern part of inner Oslofiord to the western side. Snow on the roads there. Nothing on our side.

Well back again in the home office, I turned on my TP. Crossed my fingers.

Am I on net, or not. Not. Restart. Not. Restart. Yes. Yes. Yes.

First thing: read and comment blogger friends newest posts.

90 (12 seconds from typing to showing on screen) minutes later.

Error messages: Weak or no internet connection. NO-NO-NO

Repair prosess: Once, twice. No help. Walk, walk walk--->

Turned off the Modem.

Went into the kitchen. Said hallo to the cats. Gave them some more Pollock (white fish).

Turned around the corner. Into the entrence hall. Into the livingroom. Then the passage into the office. Scanned some old paper photos from Brasil. Beach Buggy and sandboard tour.-->

Once again talked with the cat.

Mioo mweei mweeia – Why you go so rentless?

Mhoo mhee? Who? Me?

I ran into the office. Plugged in the modem. I’ll give you three chances, I thought.

-One - No

-Two – Guess

-Three – Yess

Continued reading and posting comments.

Then my turn. Lifecruisers challenge: Dirty Friday. Hm, hm. Ok, then. I had committed.

Type, type, type in a hurry. Post and let go. All the time eyes on that rascall of a Modem.


Time to upload photos (max 10 a day, as free member to FT).

Interrupt – new error message. Heck. Plugged out the cord from the Modem.

Started to walk around again.

TV? OK then. Zap-zap-zap through 27 channels. Nothing. New zap-zap round. Evening papers. Cats asleep. Stopped with an English crime series. Watch half awake.

Made me some slices of olive bread. And some eggs. And some San Pellegrino.

Then turned in to a circular walk in the kitchen. Looks like unca Scroogie had been there.

Riiing, riiing. Phone called. That was Anna: can you come and pick us up?

Yes I said, I’m comming.

Popped into the office. Plugged in the powercable.

-I’ll give you one more chance, or out you go, I said very determined to the Modem.

Refreshed my Yahoo! Mail Food for women-->

Yezz, yezz, I’m live on the net.

Did some Photouploading and commented a couple of others shots.

Then on the road again….

Wake up at 11:30 am on Saturday. First thing: Shopping. Anna gave me the list and her Banking card. (Can you believe how fast she forgets)

Back home to Brunch. Olive bread, shrimps, goatmilk chees and fried quail-eggs (sic).

Mango Juice.

Strolled into the office. Result: Spinning around again. I’ll think I nearly fainted.

- Sit down said Anna.

- Yes, yes, ok, I replayed.

- Half watching some cross-country ski national championship. Favourites won.

- In to the office again

- Yes, it works

For 35 minutes. Had a shave. Then a a shower. Used the body soap in the hair and the shampoo on my body.

On the net again. Some ups and downs. Didn’t give up.

What is it, am I insane?

Oh No – we was invited to Diane’s 40 years celebration (You know RennyBA’s wonderful wife from Upper NY state). --------> Diane

Even the Modem has been exited about this occasion (I hope)

Have a great Sunday


Friday, January 19, 2007

Bad Friday

The boy, the Doctor and his advice

I have been challenged by Lifecruiser to do a post under the vignette: Bad Friday.
Well, I had to think about it for a while. Shall, shall not - shall, shall not. Shit, but which one?

Among the few I know, all are very descent and well scientificly documented. Which meansif you feel offended, then blame science. OK?

Here we go:

The local doctor went walking his daily evening round, when he remarked a boy sitting crying on his veranda.

-What’s up, asked the Doc?

- Oh, you see, my parents are going to divorce

- Why’s that, said the Doc

- Mama complains father is impotent

- So, so,said doc, just give your father one of these pills every day, and you’ll see everything will be better

A week after, the Doctor once again remarked the boy sitting crying on his veranda.

- What’s up now? Does not the pills work?

- Oh, guess, said the boy – but now mama is dead, my sis is pregnant, I hurt in my ass and the dog has run away.

That's it Folks. In the name of science.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18 - 2007

San Mots Without Words Sin Paroles Uten ord Ohne Wörter Harvest at 60 degrees North.
PS. I'm very frustradet. My Broadband Vendor does not deliver access to Internet as promised. Haven't been on-line since Tuesday. Hope you understand I can't spend too much time at Work. That's Why I've been bad to comment and post lately.


Monday, January 15, 2007

January 16 - 2007

When you buy things today, you afterwards often struggle to get rid of the packing, whatever that might be made of. The other day I bought a new lamp for our Home Office. Guess who was there, studying what was going on? Rosa of course. She’s the kind of personalty that must know everything.

- Miau, miaaau? What’s that, it means in human language
- That’s a lamp for the Office
- Miou mjau. Oh, a lamp.
- Do you like it?
- Mi, mi, ma. A little bit
- Only a little bit
- Mje. Yes
- OK then. Where shall I put the packing?

Now she startet to be really eager. Went straight to my legs and stroke them time after time. Looked at the cardboard pack and strolled in to the living room saying:

- Miaaaw, miu, miu, mjau, miuw. Follow me into the living room and put on the floor.
- Miaha, I said and followed her.
- Miere. Here.

I so did. Placed the box on the floor and opened it. Seconds after, Rosa got a new Cabin.
Her Cabin, you must know. Next box to get rid of was the one our new set with Pepper- and Saltmill plus Herbsboxes was delivered in. A bright red box with fine tree shavings to protect the content from transportation damage. Rosa, who else, discovered our doings once again.

- Miau, miaaau? What’s that, it means in human language as you allready know.
- That’s our new millset, I said
- Miou mii-jau. Oh, a Millset
- Do you like the set?
- Mnjet. No.
- Oh, you don’t like it. Then we will drop it in the littercontainer outside
- Mnjet – mnao –mnoh. Nei – neei – non
- What’s up? Something wrong?
- Mnja mie mii-minauu. Yes, I want millset box
- Of course, how stupid can a man be. Where do you want me to put it down?
- Mjee – mjee. Her, her.

She once again ran into the livingroom, and sat down just inside the entrance. I placed the box on the floor and opened it. She jumped into and lay down in a circle only cats can do. Upon the treeshavings. She had found her cradle. The past two days this box have been her favourite napspot.

Miauuu. So wonderful.
Cats on Tuesday

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