Thursday, November 30, 2006

Going to Copenhagen

This afternoon I'll go by ship from Oslo to Copenhagen. It's work. I head a IT conference on board. Friday I'll visit the Christmas Market in Tivoli.

In the meantime, I post this "questionaire", a posting category which seems to be quite popular around.

News - Information

There is lots of Broadcasting, Radio- and TV-stations, papers, books, magazines and friends and working pals and customers that gives you news and information every day. But what is news and information. It can be touchy and close to you and can be so far fetch from daily life you even do not think about it. However, ”news” and ”information” forms your life, preferences and opinion.

So try this one (be honest) I will post my answers when back from Copehagen.

Who is the most reliable, english spoken TV-News Channel to your opinion?

Who is the most objective, english spoken Newspaper to your opinion?

Who is the most political, english spoken TV-News Channel to your opinion?

What about Radiostations? Just post it (Cause it’s so many out there)

Do you trust your friends more or less than media concerning political observations?

Do you often, seldom or never read political, deep analyzes?

If so, what do you read?

Do you trust ”Hollywood Star Reporters”?

Do you, from time to time, often or never, communicate rumours about friends?

Do you, from time to time, often or never, communicate rumours about neighbours?

Do you, from time to time, often or never, communicate rumours about family?
Do you, from time to time, often or never, communicate rumours about X-family members?

Have you ever been to a meeting/event/public session and read about it the Newspaper/seen it on TV afterwords?

Did the journalist give the same experience that you had?

Have you ever thought about what’s the ”thruth” and whats ”that’s the spesific medias opinion” and ”this is my chance as journalist” and what is objectivly what really took place?

How objective can you be about yourself? (in your biography meeting St Peter or whatever God – not on the blog)?

Will you participate in B4P? (blog for peace)?

Have a Great Life.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Catsitting II

Stompa II

As Solvi had to go and visit Ingelin in Florida, we once again in a months time are catsitters for Stompa. Last time, we hardly did see him, until the last day. This time, in deep contrast, he acted like he was in his own home. He even jump into our bed, to have a cosy time. Prr-prr-prr - Loudly - very loudly.

Here you see the tailess Stompa and his Cousin Rosa. Rosa did spit out her p-pill to please him. But he is a castrate – so Rosa’s plan was in vain.

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Friday, November 24, 2006


A Last Farwell to the Summerflowers

Still so short time ago, Still so far away.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ingelin in USA

Read my blog

I have the pleasure to inform you, that Ingelin (My
daughter) just has posted her first blog. She is
really a good writer and I recommend you to read her
first story about american furniture and scandinavian
modern style. About why she had to go from Miami to Atlanta and all the help she received before, under and after her homestyling project.
Good Luck Ingelin

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

RennyBA's Terella

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A visit to the Photo Gallery

Walter is an old friend and collegue, who received an early retirement in the 1990’s. In 2006 he opened his first separate photo-exhibition in Oslo, Norway. Walter is born in 1936.

Since his retirement, he has experimented with everything from homemade pinhole cameras, via old Kodak box cameras to cellphone cameras. The latter in mind, he and his photogroup (Bromkameratene) were first in the world to do an artgallery exhibit with pic’s taken with phonecams.

For many years, Walter has joined both workshops and performed exhibits in Hungary. His speciality is working with Nudemodels. Mostly in BW, but also using technics that keep the results for hundreds of years. (Cyanotypes) Yes, he does everything himself in the Dark-Room.

During the exhibit in Oslo, he was more or less attacked by some people accusing him for – you know – Nudes on photographs.

Anna and I went visiting the Gallery with Walter as guide, explaining technics and background. I did learn a lot.

Sorry, Walter - with my peace of camera and lack of light and dark-room and Photoshop - this can hardly be worse.

Luckly, Anna and I choosed the same piece of photoart (a masterpiece). I can not show you here, but when it is brought home, I can give you a glimpse and tell you more.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Serving morning Coffee
Once in a while, when I wake up early in the morning, I make coffee for Anna. Having prepared the coffee on the coffeemachine I useally go back to bed. Waking up too early feels like Insomnia and should not been combined with coffeemaking. Even though good intentions.
This is what had happen a Saturday Morning:
Waking up at 6 am, I picked up the Morning Paper, then filled the ”Thermos” with water and poured it out again into the coffee-machine. Then filter-coffe in the container, then I found the filter and turned the machin on. Back to bed.

Anna was not at all happy with the help for making coffee. What an awfull result you’ll get, when you put the coffeefilter above the coffee.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Timer

A useful gadget

When arriving home after work, the first thing to do is to pick up a block of Pollock from the freezer and dip it into hot water.

Next is to activate the timer – 15 minutes.

Then change clothes to more comfy than officestyle.

Thirdly read the afternoon newspaper.

First bip from the timer and our two predators run into the kitchen.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dinner 4 4 G's

Four generations for Dinner

Handpainted by Anna

Last Saturday we invited my mother, brother, x-wife, son and his son for dinner. Yep, that’s four generations. I never experienced such an event as young. My grand-grand parents died long before I was born.
However, this was the second autumn in a row we arranged a fall dinner-meeting. The original reason is the fact that all women in the closest family all are born in 2H of the year while all the male are born in 1H. Thus:

Ladies Dinner.

Marie-Louise, Anna, Solvi

No doubt who caught the highest degree of attention: Sebastian (5) and my mother (87).
They had real fun at the table.

Seb making Orange Sauce

Young gentleman, as can be, Seb helped with the orangesauce for the duck and of course he prepared the table for the homemade jelly (Anna) and the applecake (my brother).

Avacado and Caviar

Ready for making coffe
When leaving at 11 pm both Seb and my Mother was pretty exhaused, happy though, after another great family dinner. Five minutes later our cats revealed from their hidingspots. Playful as allways. We went very late to bed.

Best of everything

Where is the Best place to live?

Most people vote their place of living ”the best place on Earth” to live. I have remarked it seems to be a certain correlation between ”Have been in many countries and continents” and ”Have not been outside own country/district)” and what people answers to the question.

In my curiousity, I did a Google search: best country to live

I do not know how the different organisations build up their rankings, and I’m not sure I would agree to the results found on page one. One Comment: Both Ireland and Norway are ranked #1 – How can it be no other countries did have a higher % of emigrants?

Result: 14.200.000 for best country to live (0,35 sekunder.)

Among top Countries:
Canada, Ireland, Norway .....

Try 4 yourself. Best country, best city, best tourist destination, best of everything you want to know.

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Monday, November 13, 2006


Congratulations to Renny

This picture was taken 2 days before Renny posted his first blog on November 12 - 2005. Did he give a speach about blogging? (Yes, among others)

From Anna and Tor to Renny

Friday, November 10, 2006


Nightmare in West Hills

Tuesday night, I woke up by a sharp metalic sound. It was like someone was hammering on hard metal. Bang – bang.

A buglar? Neighbour plumbing at 1:30 am?

Then silence. Complete silence.

I felt asleep.

Bang – bang.

Once again I woke up in a sudden. ”Must find out what’s going on” I said to myself.

The noise came from the Bathroom next to our sleepingroom.

I opend the door.

Complete silence. I looked around. Nothing.

Back to bed and sleep.

Noise and inspection repeted 4 more times.

Suddenly our two cats ran out from downunder the bathtube.

What a heavenly dream thereafter. CATS.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006



Soups can be made in many ways. You can buy it in tincans and just ad water and heat it up. You can buy ”powder” or dried bars, add water and heat it. You can buy it ready to heat or you can eat it cold with ice-cubes. You can buy it frozen and hope it's melted before entering your mouth. You can made it from scratch and add whatever you want and have the full control and responsibility. To make a soupe can take from a couple of minutes to days.

Soups can be served in many ways. At a restaurant in a piece of bread. Very clean. As guests, that’s almost fast food. At least, it’s fast served. This one in Karlovy Vary was very good.

You can serve soup at home. This one took 3 days to prepare from scratch. And we got 4 ½ dinners out of it.
Soup can be eaten without a sound. Some people have to reveal what they eat. And show it as well.

Bon soupetit;-)

Monday, November 06, 2006

On tour


Harry is a common name in Sweden unlike in Norway. After a comment from a former Minister of Agriculture, the name Harry has got a new spesifique meaning: Harry Tour, means a Norwegian that goes to Sweden to shop agriculture products (Meat of most kinds), Tobaco and Wine and softdrinks and sweets.

I was in Sweden last week. But that was job. Well ,Yes, I did a little shopping.

Sweden in Red and Blue

A place to sit down (why did this happen? Must have been in Sweden))

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blue Week

In my blue week, inspired by a TV-series about colours and the meaning of colours, I kindly ask you to visit my music blog.