Friday, June 22, 2012

Sightseeing in Amsterdam- on the Canals

Hi, you might have observed I was in Amsterdam some Weeeks ago? In my previous post I revealed some Photos regarding meeting Ginnie and Astrid, together with my wonderful hostess, Sylvie. This time I will give you some impressions from a Canal  Sightseeing. I will not reveal all what you can see and discover.
But you need to learn the Dutch word for Canal: grachten
1 - DSC_0186 
Let us start here – the “hop on hop off” was 40 Minutes late. We wre allmost alone
1 a DSC_0188 
There are Bridges all over and even more Bikers. The Bridges can be opened when larger vessels will pass…
3 -  DSC_0191
Here is Sylvie, my good friend and host in Amsterdam
4 - DSC_0194
I told you: Amsterdam is more than Canals – It seems to be more Bikes than People:-)
5 - DSC_0197
Lot’s of activies – Enginees to be repaired, angling for Fishing and just relaxing …
6 - DSC_0208
True view from the Canals
7 - DSC_0217
People have their Homes on many of these Boats. Several Thousands in fact.
8 - DSC_0224
New and old – Amsterdam
You will find and can rent all kinds of “Party Boats” for some beautiful moments on the Canals.
If you want, you can even go by Bus – directly from the Airport!
9 - DSC_0226
I think this is what most of my readers are their imagination of Amsterdam.
This as well – see they have flowers etc on their floating homes.
I will thank my wonderful host and guide for a wonderful Sightseeing in Amsterdam.
… and the fact we have been connected via Social Media

More to come…

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Friday in Amsterdam with Blog-friends

After my retirement I’ve been travelling and visiting friends and Family. Here are my meeting with Ginnie and Astrid and my wonderful host: Sylvie, in Amsterdam.DSC_0056
Rembrandt Place in Amsterdam - from left: Sylvie, Astrid and Ginnie
Ginnie and Astrid
Astrid, Ginnie and Sylvien
Ginnie – happy and great Photographer and friend
S - T and A DSC_0681 
Sylvie, me and Astrid in the Park
Large Bird
I shot Astrid – LOL
Rain DSC_0638 
Rainshower in Vondelpark – we were under cover:-)
From Vondel Park in Amsterdam…
More than Tulips from Amsterdam – beautiful Roses as well
… and Ducks…
“Old” Friends – Ginnie, Astrid and me – in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

We had a great time together.

Ginnies blog here

More to come – I promise……