Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A visit to the Cheese Factory

Hi, I’m back and still alive. My new computer was dead for a while. The Screen just broke in 1000 pieces. I closed my lap-top and a tiny pin destroyed the screen. Luckely I had an insurance that covers such stupid failures.
Last Saturday, I went with my Dutch friend Sylvien from Amsterdam by bus to Volendam, a little Town 30 minutes north of Amsterdam. This part of the story is about our visit to the Cheese Factory. 043
Holland is famous for it’s cheeses.  Mostly Gouda and Edam for foreigners, at least in Norway. But it is so much more.
In the Cheese Factory you can learn all about the production process, both ancient and modern. So let us take a tour.
Here you see the Cheese after traditional Salt Bath
And here the cheese are pressed. If not the cheese would remain very wet and more or less like a cheese soup.
You know Cheese is made from Milk, in Holland from Cows, Sheep and Gouts (Geit).  From Milk you also can make Butter, you know that. Here you see the Butter Churn – old one. But not as old when is was all done by hand-craft.
As a consumer you want the Cheese looking nice. Hence they are pressed into a convienent shape, like here.  Best for storing and conservation as well. With a covering layer to avoid drying.
Here you see the “Shaping Machine” – Hand driven.
Here you see a churn again and the tap to get rid of  superfluous liquids.
Cheese making is an old tradition in Holland and well reputated around the World – and it is a reason for that: High Quality.
Here you see our Hostess at the Cheese Factory and my friend Sylvien. (Yes, we both loves the Photography)
I did buy some products from the Cheese Factory in Volendam. Made from Goat (Geit), Sheep and Cow Milk plus Fig Jam. And you see what more traditional Dutch.
Until next post, have a great time.  Cheese – Smile