Sunday, June 16, 2013


A good friend of us was 70 in February, but wanted to have a Party in Summer time.
We had last Saturday.
In Fredrikstad at Isegran. Historlical site.

Here is some Photos from the Event:

Here you see the Water Mill clsoe to the end of River Glomma - the longets in Norway

It is several reastaurants and cafees at the Riverside in Fredrikstad

Traditional Buildt Fishing Vessel

The old Fortress

Flowers and River

Anna Next Morning - after a Rainy Night

And here a good memory from the Event

I'll be back - I promise

Friday, June 14, 2013

HI all my blog friends, I am not familiar With the New design here.
May be it is because I am a retiree and do not follow up and understand technological News.
Well, I would tell you since the past year I have been travveling a lot.
Have met Family and good friends in US, South America and in Europe.
It has as well been a tough time, since Anna still Works.
She does not like I love to travel and do not like to Accept that I'm older than her; hence I retire some years before her.
She want to retire end of this year, but just know she "hates" me.
That is a terrible thougt - she want me to find someone else.

Here I am With Grandson in Michigan July 2012
I'll be back - have a great Weekend